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Wedding Day Nerves

I don't know why but I'm sooooo nervous about walking down the aisle (in less than 2 weeks!).  I'm usually not at all concerned with appearances but I'm freaking about my wedding day look, and especially about tripping down the aisle.  The whole walk down the aisle is really my biggest concern, because as soon as I get to altar with him it will be awesome.  He meant well, but it didn't help that my FI said, don't worry, if you fall, everyone will just think it's funny and laugh.  The wedding isn't till 7 so the BMs will be with me all day getting ready.  What are y'all doing for food, drinks, nerves on day of?  Why do I feel so underwhelmed by my look even though I think my bridal portraits are pretty?  Since he will never see this before wedding, I'm posting pic, I feel like i need more WOW?

Re: Wedding Day Nerves

  • You look fantastic.  All I can recommend is to relax and enjoy the preparations, because it will feel like the entire day was 15 minutes long when you're done.  Make sure you have lunch - I barely had two bites of food all day and wish I had scheduled it better.  And a glass of wine while I was getting dressed helped calm the jitters.  You probably will not trip, and even if you do, it won't be the end of the world. 
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  • First of all you look gorgeous and I don't think you should worry about your look at all.

    As for the nerves, just breathe, you won't fall. Now repeat that until you believe it. : )

    Next, since your wedding is in the evening, I would maybe go out to lunch with all the girls before hair and make up. For one of my friend's weddings we had breakfast at Tujacues, and then went to Cafe DuMonde and then went to get ready. We had a good time keeping the OCD bride from stressing out. ( We are from the same area so I mentioned specific places)
  • Thanks y'all, maybe it will feel more wow at night:)  I'm doing another practice session just in case with a bouffant and navy blue cat eyes, maybe it will be the extra edge I want!  Where is your wedding mags?  I'm at St. Agnes which is on list of longest aisles, didn't realize...and Southport Hall, the fun part!   

  • I'm about a month out at this point, and certain things are getting a "little too real" for me, such as contending with the walk down the aisle (I'm a huge klutz. I'm only wearing a tiny heel, but honestly I'd be scared poop-less even if it were flats, lol).

    My ceremony is at 5:30, so I keep saying that I'm going to eat and drink beforehand. My biggest fear is dehydration (I get heat exhaustion really easy), so I'm already making plans to just down a huge thing of Gatorade that morning (So I won't be passing out ... but I shouldn't need to pee ever 10 seconds once my dress is on, hahaha). I'd like to think I'll get food in me, I know I NEED to, but I'm one of those people that finds it hard to eat when I'm all jumpy, so I'm not sure how well that will get exectuted

    I have no idea what I'm doing about nerves that day, most people will reccommend a small glass of wine or champagne, but I have a feeling I'm not getting near alcohol prior to the reception, so I need to figure something else out.

    Best wishes!

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  • P.S. You look stunning! I wouldn't change a thing!

    If you fire a WP member, you're against America.

    "Meg cracks me up on the regular. Now she gets to do it in two different forums. Yay!!" ~mkrupar
  • Smile at your guests as you walk down the aisle.  Supposedly this helps you remember to breathe. 

    I hadn't thought about food.  Donuts and pizza sound good.  Not together though.  Need lots of carbs for dancing! 
  • after i have makeup on, it'll be finger foods, like grapes.
  • Girl I wouldn't worry you'll going to be beautiful and love that pic of you. Just maybe take some breaths of fresh air and a sip of some wine and your walk will be graceful and beautiful and just focus on looking at your man has you make your walk. It will be wonderful.

    I would go with some fruit that does not have seeds of any kind. like grapes and bananas, oranges. Pop a fresh mint in your mouth prior to walking the isle.

    Smile and work the aisle (hahaha) You go girl this is your day when you marry that man at the end of the aisle.
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