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What's realistic to expect for hair?

I had my hair trial today, and less than an hour later bobby pins were falling out and it was coming down. A few hours in pieces had unraveled completely.

Am I realistic to expect an updo to stay all day? My hairdo is a sidebun, he basically did big loops on the side of my head. It looked amazing (at first!) but I wonder if I should have him do something more simple? Would a simple bun be more likely to last?

I've had a hard time finding ANYONE to do my hair and this has left me frustrated. My wedding is in about a week. Part of me says he did a good job but part of me says he did a terrible job if it didn't last.


Re: What's realistic to expect for hair?

  • I had my hair trial in September and my hair is very long - almost haflway down my back and thick. I had a somewhat intricate hairdo but it lasted quite a long time. Did you speak to him again? He may not have done it as tight because it is a trial, but will probably spray it more or tighten up so more for the day of
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  • I only had a half up/half down kind of thing where she teased the top, pinned the sides back and curled everything else.  Even for my trial, it lasted all day and most of the night.  For my wedding though, she sprayed it even more and I don't think it moved, LOL.

    Do you have time to stop into the salon and talk to him about it?  He might not have realized that it wouldn't stay and can offer other suggestions or like PP said, he'll tell you he didn't do as much because it was the trial. 
  • Your hair shouldn't budge if its an updo.  Any loose bits that were intentionally left down may become more lose throughout the day.  But your pins shouldn't fall out or the main part of your updo shouldn't fall out. 
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  • I agree with Munch!  For my hair trial I did a half-up do with curls and mine stayed in and put until I went to bed that night, yes the curls were not as tight, but the up-do portion remained.  I even had extensions in and it all stayed.  You should definitly talk to your hair stylist about other options for your hair or how to make it stay intact for the entire evening.  It might also depend on your hair type, I have thinner hair so I can't do anything too *loose looking* as the bobby pins would just fall out.  Good luck!!
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  • When I did my trial my stylist let me know that on the wedding morning she was going to be hairspraying the ever-loving-crap out of my hair, but neither of us really thought it necessary for the practice run. That being said mine was worn down and very simple.  My friend who got married a few weeks ago has SUPER thick heavy hair, and she wore hers up, but did no trial and walked into the salon that morning with a dozen pictures and no solid idea what she wanted.  Her pins were working their way loose throughout the day but overall stayed where it should, which is a miracle for her ;)
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    I also had a side bun and my hair stayed in a all night! I have straight thin hair and I was shocked that is stayed. My hairstylist teased it, sprayed it and put so many pins in it.. it took me 20 minutes to get my hair down! She also told me not to wash my hair that day and to do it the night before.
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  • When I did my trails, my hair fell out quickly, but the trial is to just see if you like the style and that it will work. When my stylist did it the day of the wedding, she used about 10x the amount of bobby pins and secured it really well with tons of hairspray. I was dancing really hard and didn't have any hairs fall out. If you feel it's loose, ask him to secure it better, but it should be better the day of. 
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