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Help with finding these songs

My FI and I have had trouble deciding on a first dance song that has meaning to us and hasn't been overdone.  We finally found 2 possible songs for our first dance that we love.  The problem is we really only like the acoustic versions and can't seem to find the acoustic version of either one other than on YouTube and the videos are live with background noise.  The songs we like are "Today" by Joshua Radin and "You Are The Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne.  I've already tried searching iTunes.  Anyone have any other ideas where to find the acoustic versions of these songs?  TIA

Here are the YouTube videos:

Re: Help with finding these songs

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    you could try  they have mp3s for about the same price as itunes, if not cheaper!
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    I would maybe try somewhere like Limewire.  I know it isn't legal, but that's the only place I can typically find the really rare songs.  Good luck with the Ray song.  I've seen him so many times and tried to find live versions after the show and it's usually pretty difficult. :-/

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    Thanks for the suggestions!  I will check them all out.  Sunshine, I'm jealous you got to see Ray...he's amazing!  The acoustic version of that song is beautiful so I really hope I can find it somehow :-/  Hhmmm...Limewire=illegal and my FI is a police officer....LOL...the irony of it is just a funny thought. 
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    try to see if you can find them on there
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