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High School Question

DH and I were driving around when school let out today and I saw several kids with their faces painted white.  Is this a trend in high schools among a certain group of kids?  What does it mean?

Re: High School Question

  • Could it have been for a school play?  That's the only thing I can think of.
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    It might be their day of the dead, whatever they call it.  Our high school does one right before Prom every year.  I can't remember the whole story, but it's a way of helping the students understand the effect that drunk driving could have on their school.  A certain number of students "die" throughout the die, and in my school that means faces painted white wearing all black with a sign around their neck that looks like a headstone and says "RIP."  I don't know why they'd be doing that today though.

    Another option is if they had a special event or assembly today.
  • I saw about 100 kids and only 4 of them with the face paint.  It was odd.  I just wondered if this is a trend.
  • I'm thinking along the lines of DramaGeek. My HS did the same thing, and only a select group of people were "dead"..which could be why you only saw 4.
  • Odd... possibly for a school play, class performance, or pep rally? 

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  • Hmmm, I haven't seen that trend yet. Could be local, or a school play. 

    Were they wearing any other clothing that would give away what group they run wtih? 

    Sometimes kids just make up a trend so they can be exclusive. 
  • They were wearing winter coats so I didn't really see what else they were wearing.  I thought that if it was a new trend, all of the kids walking together would have their faces painted.  But there would be four kids walking together and only two would have their faces painted.  One of them had some black around his eyes but the others did not.  I'm glad that you all are as perplexed as me.  I am getting old and out of touch so I thought it was one more thing that everyone would know about that I don't.  (For example, I saw Michael Buble on TV yesterday and all this time I've heard his name & for some reason thought he was an african american singer.)
  • Haha. Well, I am getting old, but hopefully I'm still in touch with teenagers-- otherwise I need to find a new job! ;) 

    Don't worry about keeping up with teenager trends... most of them are pretty dumb ;) 
  • What the others are talking about is called "Every 15 Minutes."

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  • Thank you, S!  I couldn't think of the name of it.
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