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We got hitched! (PIP)

Well ladies, I know I was always a sporatic poster around here, but Brian and I got hitched! To remind everyone we were going with a 1920s-30s elegant art deco kind of theme. The wedding seriously could not have been any more perfect or beautiful! We got loads of compliments on all of the details (especially on the fedoras the GMs wore after the ceremony) and the hard work of planning and making programs, etc really paid off!

It was supposed to rain, but it didn't! I thought I was going to throw up waiting to walk down the aisle, but as soon as they opened those doors everything was fine. Our ceremony was quick and simple and sweet. One of my bridesmaid's shoes broke halfway down the aisle and we didn't even know! She concealed it perfectly!

Then we took some super hot pictures and came to the reception. Even though we never practiced our dance we were told we did well. Everyone was dancing and it was truly an event to remember! We even partied so hard we blew a and the DJ's equipment died! It was only a minute or two before we got it back up and running and in the meantime a friend of mine ran over and started playing chopsticks on the piano, so everyone thought it was hilarious (including me!). Also we had wedding crashers! My dad threw them out, he can be very intimidating and it was awesome. :)

Afterwards me and some friends went to afterparty at this nice bar (really it's more of a lounge) and at 2:30 my DH and I went back to our hotel room where there were strawberries and champagne waiting for us :)

I don't feel like it went by super fast because I focused really hard on taking everything in the whole weekend, and I'm glad I did! I can't wait to get pictures back, but in the meantime, I have a few samples from the photographer and a few that friends took as well.

Friend pics first:

And the samples our awesome photographer (Amanda Williams) sent us yesterday:

And it'll take 9 weeks to get the rest! I'm already back at work, but this weekend has truly been magical.

Re: We got hitched! (PIP)

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