What's the most expensive part of the wedding?

So I'm about to put down my deposit for my photographer. Cost altogether is about $3600. The reception is going to cost almost $10,000. I have a $20,000 budget and was hoping that whatever was leftover I could use for a honeymoon. 
Since I've just started my planning, is there anything else that is going to cost thousands that I'm not thinking about (I've already bought my dress)?

Re: What's the most expensive part of the wedding?

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    What are you doing decor/floral wise? If you want to save you could do candle centerpieces instead of all floral arrangements
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    All of your accessories can add up but I think you have the bulk of your expenses taken care of. The dress can be expensive too. I have a $20k budget as well and unfortunately, I think I'll be going over that.

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    things add up. if youre going to have a videographer, food, flowers, centerpieces, favors.. etc   but it seems like you got most of it covered. what is included in your 10,000 reception budget
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    the most expensive part?? feeding people.
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    @jen2013:The 10,000 for the reception includes food and drinks, I think as for the videographer, instead of paying for someone, I'll just have a friend or family member film everything. The video isn't important to me, but I would like to have some of it filmed so I don't have any regrets.
    @eboix518:Thanks for the idea! I think I'll definitely go with candles
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    Our reception hall package was the most expensive. It included food, appetizers, bridal cake, H2 limo for bridal party, linens, china, waitstaff, and draping. (I think that's it).
    I am only doing 2 floral arrangements for the church (aside from DYI bows for pews), bouquests, cross. and bouts.... no other flowers. (that I can remember). We also saved money by creating our own STD magnets, and I'm doing our invitations at home.

    I bought my centerpieces @ save-on-crafts.com and I haven't worked out the kinks for WP gifts. I booked my photographer during a bridal extravaganza special... so that  cut on that price.

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    If you already have dress, venue (with food and drinks), and photographer, and you still have 6400 left, I think you're doing pretty good.

    Things left to buy

    --invitations (cheap--think Vistaprint or something)
    --videographer (have a friend do it?)
    --centerpieces (use non-floral, or DIY your own flowers)
    --bouquets, boutineers (DIY or find cheap)
    --transportation (optional)
    --ceremony (is that already included in your venue? Or separate? Either way, probably less than $1000)
    --shoes/veil/jewelry (doesn't have to be pricey, somewhat optional)
    --hair/makeup (do your own, get a friend to do it, or find someone cheap)

    That's all I can think of.  The little things add up, but you just gotta pick what's important to you!  Some of this stuff is optional, and some of it can be done really cheap if you do it yourself!

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    Don't forget the music and cakes!
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    definitely invitations + whatever other printed pieces you will be using (table cards, signs, programs, favors) and the flowers. cakes I found were not very expensive, but I didnt use fondant, and that stuff adds up!
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    The most expensive part for us was the reception, too, and we also had about a 20k budget...Although our package included food, it didn't include alcohol or decor, which was a little pricey :/ and last but not least, the other big expense was video/photo, so if you can get someone to do that, and keep in mind the stuff others mentioned, I'm sure you'll be good on HM fund :)
    Just a thought- If you get closer into your planning, and just need a little extra, you can always do a HM registry <3 I know Sandals offers one, that's who we are going with. Good luck! :)
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    I think the fondant is way overrated, and you really do not want to eat it, as you can barely cut it.  It is pretty, but, most of the time it eds up in the trash, so just load up the yummy icing, and eat up!
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