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I am looking for suggestions for an officiant for a non-religious or semi religious wedding in Affton for October 2012. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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    We're using someone from The Ethical Society of St. Louis and we've been very pleased with the service thus far: http://www.ethicalstl.org/eve_weddings.php
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    I asked my brother to get ordained so he could perform our ceremony.  If you have a close family member or friend it's a good option.  It'll be a very personal ceremony without the religious undertones.

    PS. getting ordained online is super simple :)

    Good luck!
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    We had a mildly Christian ceremony from Doug Robinson of "With This Ring"- he was wonderful!
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    I'm using Lamira Martin from Your Ceremony, Your Way (yourceremonyyourway.com).  She is so incredibly sweet and we are not having anything religious in our ceremony but she will do it if you want it.
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    [QUOTE]We had a mildly Christian ceremony from Doug Robinson of "With This Ring"- he was wonderful!
    Posted by maryandkirk0909[/QUOTE]

    We used him as well for our secular wedding.  We highly recommend him.
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    We are using Shari Mezo.  She is a friend of mine and does whatever you want!
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    Carolyn Burke is soooo incredibly sweet.  Check her out! 

    She is such a warm, wonderful person.  I can't say enough good things about her!
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