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Slideshow Music.

Alright, we're planning on a slideshow for our wedding. We need two songs, one about me and the other about my fiancee. I was thinking Simple Man by Skynryd for him, and American Girl by Tom Petty for me. But I'm not sold on either yet. Any suggestions?! :) We LOVE rock music and oldies. No country or pop please :) it's just not our style.
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Re: Slideshow Music.

  • gymbugmj2kgymbugmj2k member
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    I don't have any suggestions of the top of my head but.... 'American girl' was supposedly a song written about a girl who commits suicide by jumping off her dorm balcony onto highway 441 because of a failed relationship.

    sorry if that ruins your song choice =/ 

    heres a good site to check song meanings;
  • lzmac11lzmac11 member
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    I don't have any suggestions (sorry) but what I have people do (I make slideshows as part of my job) is making them think back in their life and the one song that comes to mind, the song that makes them remember all the good memories I normally use that. Thinking of the good memories and using a song from childhood is always the way to go.
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    We're doing a slideshow.
    My song is The Darkness- I believe in a thing called love, and his is Kryptonite, then we're some pictures of us together with One Republic- Good Life.
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    It's hard to give suggestions without knowing more about each of you indivdually. I agree with thinking back on favorite childhood/adolescent songs. Also, what about songs that mention physical characteristics either of you have? Like "brown eyed girl" would be a great choice if you have brown eyes.
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    This may work for you - it is called "What I Want You to Know" by JKD. 
    It's on iTunes (here's the link to preview it)

    I believe it was actually written by a dad for his daugther for her wedding day.
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