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Has anyone ever had or been to the sands ballroom for a reception or party?  If so any comments would be appriciated. 


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    I'm gonna assume you mean the one in Las Vegas? never a wedding or a party but was there for a convention. it was the kind of place where i would NOT want my wedding to take place. It just didn't have that... ambience. Yelp has so-so reviews on the place as well. if you're looking for a reception/party, you can always try other hotels? I've been to weddings at Monte Carlo and the Luxor, they both were fabulous places. I also attended a birthday party at Maggiano's, the food was superb there!

    HTH and GL! :)
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    Thanks for your response, but I ment the Reno, NV one.  Its an older hotel but there price is killer..  Since I am saving so much money I am going to get a wedding planner to decorate the inside.  It should look awsome. 

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    Hi. I live in Reno, so I am familiar with the Sands. I haven't been inside the ballrooms, but I can say that the hotel/casino itself isn't very nice. It is old and smokey. It is also the big hangout for the college kids (if that tells you anything). I would check out the Peppermill. It will be more expensive, but it isn't downtown, so you may get a break there. It is really nice thoug.
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