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Paper Cutting

Hey DIY Phoenix brides :), where did you get your invitation cardstock cut? I need to have some cardstock cut for the backing layer on my pocketfolds but don't know where to go to get this done... Do places like Copy Max and Kinkos do this or no?

Re: Paper Cutting

  • NillaWafer10NillaWafer10 member
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    Kinkos will do it for fifty cents a cut.  You just hand them a stack of cardstock, and give them the dimensions.  I think they use a laser cutter, so it's pretty accurate.  If you know an elementary school teacher, she/he might be able to sneak you into the workroom to use their paper cutter.  Otherwise, you can go to some of the local scrapbooking stores to use their stuff (I know the one off of University and Lindsay has a couple of paper cutters that you can use free of charge).
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    I went to Kinkos and cut them myself.  The one near me has a great cutter that worked really well and it was free!
  • nycegrrl99nycegrrl99 member
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    I am one of the afore mentioned teachers with the industrial strength cutter at school....love that thing!
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