Spring Canadian Knotties!

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I just realized that it is WEDDING SEASON!!!  I moved a few months ago and have been absorbed in the house and neglecting my mod duties on TK.  Sorry!!!

I just wanted to say CONGRATS to all the Knotties who were recently married!!!  Good luck to thsoe who are just around the corner - it is such an exciting time.  Please feel free to respond to this post and share your wedding story, or make your own post just for you.  I'd love to hear about it all, and if there are any great vendors out there that you want to rave about (or ones perhaps to avoid), let us know!

Re: Spring Canadian Knotties!

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    Yaay!  Still over a month for me, but congrats to everyone who's already been married this year!
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    Im just around the corner, 8 days! Nerves, Anxiety and excitement are all built up now! I'll definitely be back to post pictures and tell everyone how it went! 
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    shpoop - love the DIY picture - that's going to look great at the wedding!
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    Aw that's awesome shpoop...good luck and have fun!!
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    Congratulations and good luck, ladies!!

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