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I have a confusion. I am obessed with wedding tv shows. Even before I got engaged I would sit and watch hours of my favorite wedding shows. My now future husband use to think I was crazy! He asked me if I was going to sit at home all day and watch these programs once we engaged? I laughed him off and told him he was the crazy one. Truth be told I haven't had a second to sit at home (since we got in engaged) to indugle in my guilty pleasure. Well ladies---this weekend is the weekend. I am finally free to snuggle up on my couch and revel in wedding bliss.

I already have my whole day planned. I am super excited to watch the Kardashian Wedding Special  (it has now be saved on my DVR for months). Then I am going to watch Get Married.....I think I have 3 epsiodes saved on my DVR and its all new tomorrow on my favorite wedding channel WE at 9:30. Little tip--Get Married basically kicks off all day wedding programming. After Get Married its Say Yes to the Dress for me.

I think that will leave me happy for awhile and to appease my FH I will sit and watch football. Thankfully Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner and I wont have to listen to it for another few months. What are your guility pleasures?

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  • I too love watching the wedding shows! My FH tolerates them to a point. I have learned to watch them during the week when he is not around!!!
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  • Haha! I love them! and yep the FI has seen them all and at first he was kinda "eh" about them, but he has come around and will comment on some of the ideas, etc.. It's so bad thou cause he can call "re-run!" =)
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  • The only wedding show I can stomach is Bridezillas, and that's only because I like to yell "Bitch!" and "You're lucky anyone's dumb enough to marry you!" at the tv. LOL  My guilty pleasures (in terms of reality tv) tend to be Jersey Shore, Parking Wars, Speeders, and Animal Cops...although I can't watch Animal Cops around the FI because it makes me cry and he can't understand why I'd watch a show that makes me cry.

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  • I used to watch Bridezillas, but it got old pretty fast.  The only other wedding show I've ever watched is Amazing Wedding Cakes, and I'm really excited to see that it's apparently back for a new season.  Even FI watches that one, because the cakes are so cool-looking.
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