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receptions fairfield food

Went to the tasting at receptions fairfield. and was very disappointed and the food was cold. i can be picky but everyone at our table commented that the food was cold and the none of the grilled chicken was good.

what do i do???
can anyone that has had their reception at receptions recommend what food i should pick?

have also thought about seeing if we can bring in our own caterer but i doubt they will allow that.

Re: receptions fairfield food

  • We had our reception there.  The food was good to us and our picky Vietnamese guests.  We picked a carving station, steamed asparagus, chicken florento, and I don't remember the rest. (My parents and DH chose the food.)

    You can bring your own caterers. As of last year, I remember it was around $14/pp to use their staff and location.  We also brought our own food, since we catered a few Vietnamese dishes in for variety.
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  • Been to 2 weddings and 3 bridal shows there. I would recommend pasta, the cheesy bacon potatoes and a carving station.

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  • hccpsuhccpsu member
    We had our reception at the one in Erlanger in November 2009, and didn't have any trouble with the food being cold.  We had the sirlion roast at the carving station (not sure they offer that anymore), and one of the chicken dishes, but I can't remember which one.  Also had pasta pomodoro, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, and baby carrots (I got them to throw in a second vegetable).

    You can probably ask if there's another tasting scheduled for a different location--I think I went to two.  Possibly there might not be a problem with cold food at that one.
  • I'm sorry to say this, but we've been to two different weddings at receptions in fairfield in the past year and a half, and were really disappointed in the food. It was either way too salty, cold, or just flat out bland. And trust me when I say that my husband and I are not picky eaters. You might be better off having it catered in. Good luck!
  •  I have been to several wedding there also and have NEVER like the food.  If iit's not in the budge to bring in a caterer (because you pay $14 pp on top of the PP plate fee for your caterer) I would suggest calling someone and telling them that you didn't like the food and you wanted to maybe come in and talk to the chef about what suggestions you can make to make it better and go back for a second tasting.  It only helps you to be up front about the quality of the food.
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