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Music for afternoon cocktail reception

We are having an afternoon wedding, 12:30pm, and cocktail reception to follow, 1pm-5pm, and are wondering what type of music would be appropriate. Even though its early are people going to still want to dance? We were thinking of hiring a dj, should we still ask for the same type of music we would if it was a dinner reception?

Thanks for the help.

Re: Music for afternoon cocktail reception

  • I can see this going both ways. Do you think your guests are big partiers that will want to dance? Then it might be worth having a DJ who can play whatever. If you don't really think that's the case, then maybe it's a better idea to put together a playlist and hook up an iPod and designate someone to keep an eye on it.

    I used to DJ weddings, and for the most part, events that were earlier in the day like that usually didn't have a lot of dancing. What kind of venue are you using? If you have a good outdoor area, you could have lawn games and things like that. I know one girl who didn't really have dancing at her afternoon reception, but had a bunch of board games and things like that.
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