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Texas-San Antonio

Moving to San Antonio... Help!

Hi there ladies! It's been a while since I've been on TK, and I was mostly on the Columbus Ohio board. But my new hubby is in the Air Force and we just found out he's being transfered to San Antonio. We're both really excited but we're not too sure of where to live. We won't be living on base, so I'd love suggestions on places to look!

We're a young (mid 20's) newlywed couple and have a dog, if that makes any difference. Any help would be really great since we won't be able to get out there before the big move and once we're there we'll only have a week to find a place.

Also if any has advice or fun suggestions of things to do when we get there we'll be glad to hear it! We don't know anybody there, so it'll def be interesting for us haha.  Thanks!

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Re: Moving to San Antonio... Help!

  • San Antonio is so huge and spread out... will he be working at Lackland or Randolf, or somewhere else?
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    [QUOTE]San Antonio is so huge and spread out... will he be working at Lackland or Randolf, or somewhere else?
    Posted by tamezie[/QUOTE]

    He'll either be working at Randolph or Fort Sam Houston.  They're not sure which yet. He may be splitting time between the two even...
    Our baby! image Sadie
  • YGPM. P.S. your puppy is adorable! I love hose eyes with the dark fur.
  • Hi, I moved from Columbus, OH to San Antonio last year as well! PM me if you want to chat! :)

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    Cibolo/schertz area is a really nice suburn area with a nice school district (if yall stay and decide to have kids). Everything is only a couple minutes away and it is only 15 minutes away from downtown/ Ft Sam and Randolf is only a few minutes away. 

    If you want to live in the country then you can look in New Braunfels and La Vernia. They are both only about 15- 30 mins away from both of the bases. 

    Other good areas but further away from the bases are north east San Antonio, the pretty much new and still expanding 281/ 1604 area in north san antonio, north central san antonio, medical center, and north west San Antonio. 

    During the summer, floating down the comal river or swimming/ renting a jet ski at Canyon Lake are good ways to cool off and relax and its only 15 minutes away from the cibolo/ schertz area. 

    In my opinion the best movie theaters are Alamo drafthouse (serve beer and 18+ only) and the Palladium (or santikos in general). There are 2 comedy clubs one by North Star mall (central S.A.) and at River center mall (down town on the river walk).

    The tourist spots that are nice to visit every once in a while: Fiesta Texas, Sea world, and the river walk. Also you should check out the witte museum, mc nay art museum, botanical garden, natural bridge caverns and wildlife safari, and japanese tea garden. 

    For the child within: Dave and Busters have a few locations in the U.S. and is a pretty cool game place, its the grown up chuckie cheese =).  There is an ice skating rink on the north north central side of town (281/ 1604), put put golf places, and laser tag. 

    If you like bar hopping then 6th street Austin is the place to be and its 1-2 hrs away depending on where you live in San Antonio. Speaking of drinking, I wouldn't be out on the roads in the wee early in the morning, especially on the weekends, we have a lot of drunk drivers...

    Fiesta and NIOSA (night in old san antonio) are at the end of April and extremely popular here. 

    The newest and most popular shopping in San Antonio right now is the rim and La Cantera mall on the north west side of town (I 10/ 1604). The outlet malls in San Marcos (about 45 mins away from San Antonio, between New Braunfels and Austin) are awesome too. Other shopping areas are the forum (35/ 1604 by schertz), north star mall (central sa), the new stuff off 281 a little north of S.A., and the quarry (410/ 281; central S.A.)

    There are some nice parks in San Antonio and in an effort to make the city healthier they have a created a program called fitness in the park where they have free work out equipment and workout classes. 

    I have lived in San Antonio all my life so if want any more info then you can always pm me. 
  • P.S. you dog is super adorable, what breed is he/she? 
  • Wow! you ladies are awesome! all this info is super helpful! This all should definitely help us get settled! Thanks for the compliments on our pup Sadie, she really appreciates the attention! She is a Lab mix, since we rescued her from a shelter we're assuming she's not pure. She's definitely 100% cute though!

    chakabride & niknik15 I'll def be PMing you back in about a day! Thanks so much!!!!
    Our baby! image Sadie
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