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August 2012 Weddings

So this sounds crazy but...

I am nervous to start addressing the invitations! I am hand addressing all of them and am nervous about messing up, and also the fact that working on the invitations makes it all seem so real and near! Don't get me wrong, I am super excited for the wedding to be nearing and am excited about starting the invitations, but I am also subconsciously nervous. Does anyone else feel this way or am I totally nuts? :)
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Re: So this sounds crazy but...

  • I am stressing over hand addressing the invitations too!! My family thinks I'm nuts for hand addressing them and not printing the envelopes, but I like the personal touch! 

    I get being nervous and excited at the same time!!  I've been having the stress dreams again, but also having good dreams to keep me sane!!
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  • I should get started on this and I am doing labels.....but I am nervous too
  • Yes, I woke up at 3am cuz i was thinking about wording. I was literally rehearsing the wording and could not make it stop lol......Its crazy but lately Ive been more stressed. Youre not alone
  • One tip that someone gave me is to take an index card, trace the lines in black marker, and slip it inside each envelope as you write.  This serves as a guide to help you write straight.  I also dreamt about invitation wording last night!  
  • Libby- I am doing labels, but that is still a great idea so that I don't stick the labels on tilted. I love finding little tips like that, I bet it will help the OP & PP's a lot!
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  • Wow thanks for the index card tip! I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one worrying about addressing the invitations :) Good luck everyone!
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  • Same here with the STD's, I'm also doing labels and was actually going to work on them in a little bit, but I'm procrastinating because of my nerves.

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  • I am so using that index card trick!!!  Thanks Libby!!! :)
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  • You're not crazy, but remember you probably have or can always buy extra envelopes if you mess up!
  • My fiance's mom owns a lablemaker, so we just borrowed it for addressing all of the address lables.  I think it made it look nice, and we were able to get all the invitations labled, and stuffed into envelopes in one evening
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