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is anyone else struggling to convince your fiance to wear his uniform for your ceremony?

we're just having a small private civil ceremony, but i think his marine dress blues are so handsome.  i'm dressing up. he is too. but i really really really want him in uniform.

any suggestions on how to convince him to wear them?


Re: uniform

  • kara811kara811
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    I didn't tell my FI what to wear, he wanted to wear a tux, and wanted nothing to do with wearing his uniform. All I did was making sure the colors for the guys and girls were matching. He chose his entire ensemble himself. Like the poll, it's his wedding too as much as yours. 
  • Beachy730Beachy730
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    Did he pick out your wedding dress?  Because it's no different.  Whether he wears his uniform or not is completely his decision, no matter how handsome you think he looks in it.  

    My H decided not to wear his uniform because he so rarely gets to dress up for anything not in uniform.  Also he said his whole life is the military, he doesn't need his wedding to be as well.  It was his choice and I respected that.  You should too.
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  • kyrgyzstankyrgyzstan
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    FI proposed to me in uniform, I imagine he's going to wear his blues to our wedding, but I'll tell you right now, I bet it's 60% because he's too cheap to wear a tux. 

    I'm glad he's wearing them, but if he tried to tell me how to dress myself, I'd laugh at him. I would hope he would do the same. 
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  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr
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    Are you aware of how uncomfortable those uniforms are?  I am proud to have earned my uniform.  I am proud to wear my uniform. I HATE having to wear it and only wear it when I have to. 
    I asked my H if he wanted to wear his uniform to our wedding.  He said he'd wear his if I wore mine.  NOPE. 
    If he wants to wear it, cool.  If not, let it go.  You got to pick your dress.  Let him pick if he's going to wear a uniform, tux or suit. 
  • calindicalindi
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    BF has said he is really undecided on whether he wants to wear his uniform or not.  I've told him many times that it is completely up to him, and if he wants to, he can wear his dress blues for the ceremony and change into a suit for the reception.  If I had to bet, I'm guessing that's what he'll end up doing.

    Most people are extremely proud of their uniform, but it isn't the most comfortable thing.  And they also are told what to wear 90% of the time when they're in the military, so sometimes they like to NOT wear a uniform on important occasions.  It depends entirely on the person's preference.  As someone else pointed out, would you want him picking out your wedding gown based on the look he liked, not considering your comfort or preferences?

    Let him know that you love the way he looks in his Dress Blues, and that he can wear them for just the ceremony if he wants, but you'll marry him no matter what he's wearing anyway.



  • jeffsteph1207jeffsteph1207
    edited December 2011
    Mine also said no, and I didn't push the issue either.  We're both in the military, and I ablsolutely LOVE my blues and I'm proud to wear them, but I wouldn't want to get married wearing them.  Put yourself in his shoes.  Its a military dress uniform, not meant for wear at every special occassion.  Let him reflect his own style.
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    All you can do is ask if he will and if he says no then let it go. It is his day too and you want him to be comfortable. Dress blues are from what I hear fairly uncomfortable.
    My FI wants to wear his bravos (green ones) to our civil ceremony and as much as I dislike them, it is his day too. 
    We can just bite the bullet together :)
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    My fiancee, wants to wear his uniform (he's in the Army), and when my biological father got married to my mom,  he said he wouldn't get married in anything else but his dress blues and he had to have the red stripe down his pant legs. All you can do is talk, and maybe come to a compromise.

    Uniform for ceremony then tux for reception.
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    Me and my husband are both military. We both hate wearing our uniform outside of work. when we got married i was in a dress I picked out and he was in a Tux her picked out. You just got think about what he thinks and how uncomfortable the dress uniforms are. If he doesn't want to wear it i wouldn't press the issue.
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    Thank you, everyone for your input. Since posting this, I've lightened up a little about it.  We now {playfully, of course} use it as a bargaining chip. Like "Make me a sandwich and I'll wear my uniform" or "I'll leave you alone about the uniform if you give me a back rub"

    its playful banter.

    but seriously, thanks for all the input.
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