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considering having no attendants except our young children

I would just like to have my daughter (6) and son (18 months) stand up at the altar with us. Has anyone done this and how did it turn out? Who will I hand my bouquet to? who will hold the rings if there's no best man? Will the altar look empty? Will the processional be boring and too short? 

Re: considering having no attendants except our young children

  •  I only had my children in the wedding. Although they are older than yours it was probably the best decision I made for the whole wedding. We kept each other's rings on our pinkies and exchanged them at the alter when it was time. You can give your bouquet to the person sitting in the front row when you walk up. As far as it looks, who cares how it looks. It is your wedding. Do it how you want to. It will work out fine.
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    Be sure know what will be done if your son starts screaming to be held by you or your Fi.  Will you hold him?  Hand him off to a grandparent (who may have to leave with him if he is screaming for you- so that person will miss the ceremony)?  Small children are unpredictable, so you need a plan. 

    I agree the  6 yr old is old enough to hold your bouquet, and she'll feel very important.

    Research what your state's requirements are for witnesses, so you will have some lined up to sign, if required.  ~Donna
  • My kids also stood up, but they are adults. Our 18 month old granddaughter was our flower girl.

    I've been to a couple of weddings with parents of small kids. With our granddaughter, and these other weddings, have a grandma, grandpa, or one of your siblings that the 18 month knows well sitting in the front row, on an aisle. They can help if he becomes a bit boisterous. If need be, as long as it's not during your vows, one of you can hold him. People understand that you have kids, and personally, I always think these unscripted moments with kids are cute, but that's just me.
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     "People understand that you have kids, and personally, I always think these unscripted moments with kids are cute, but that's just me."
    I agree with this post! I am also planning on having no attendants. I'd like my son (4 years old) to walk me down the aisle. By then, we would have our own baby boy, but he'd be in the front pews with grandma. 

    Your husband and your kids are all you'll ever need. Laughing

  • This is what we are doing too. I have 6& 8 year old boys and he has an 8 year old daughter. They two 8 year olds are going to say a short reading as well. My 6 year old is limited verbally but he may say happy or I love you. I was going to have fh carry both rings but I like the pinky idea. I also have backup plans for meltdowns
  •   I think the other posters responded well to your q's about logistics.

    Don't worry about "how it will look".  It will be wonderful to have your children with you on such an imporant day. Do it how you want, not what the typical wedding is supposed to be if that's not what floats your boat.

    I do agree that you need a back-up plan for the 18month old. But the 6 yo daughter will feel super important, and hopefully as much of a princess on that day as you will :)
    What a great way to make even more memories as a family together!

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