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Shower on a Budget in Northern New Jersey?

Any ideas for a venue in Northern New Jersey that is relatively inexpensive to host a bridal shower? There are 5 bridesmaids, we're all students with low income, probably can only spend $100 dollars each so $500 dollar shower including invitations, favors, and the food. None of us have houses that can accomodate catering.

The bride gave us a list of about 60 people to invite, and it will probably be about 40 coming. We want to have it on a Sunday and maybe do brunch if it's cheaper?
Our options are: have it at an inexpensive restaurant, or rent a hall and have it catered.
If there is any way to get the cost down to $10-12 per guest let me know!

Any ideas welcome! Specifically close to the Livingston/East Hanover/West Orange area.

Re: Shower on a Budget in Northern New Jersey?

  • Come over to the Jersey board.  The guys and girls over there are extremely helpful.
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    You guys have a budget of $500.  You decide how many people you can comfortably host and then YOU set the guest list.  It's great that the bride wants 40 people there... but she's not shelling out the money for the party so she doesn't really get much say over the size.  The hosts - the bridesmaids, in this case - get the final say.

    Showers don't need to be elaborate catered affairs.  It's perfectly acceptable to have a shower at someone's home with tea and sandwiches.  I'd choose between having the 40 people she wants and thinking less grand OR having a smaller affair and at more upscale venue.
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