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Can anyone here tell me what may be required of me for my fiance and I to be married.  He is Catholic, only goes to church on Easter and I was baptized in a Wesleyan church when I was a baby.  I do not attend church on a regular basis.  My fiance and I want to be married in a church, his church is beautiful and he knows the priest and other members.  However, I am not interested in converting.  Is there any hope that a Catholic church would marry us?

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    You should be able to get married in the Catholic church without converting (my fiance is not Catholic and I am).  Talk to the girls on the Catholic weddings board, they will be able to help with any questions you have about this.
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    I was raised catholic and my FI is protestant um you have to ask but as far as I know both of you have to be catholic and at least one member of the wedding party must be catholic, its rediculous thats why we are getting married at the church he grew up in.
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    I think it depends on the chruch, but it is totally possible.
    My FI is Catholic, and we looked into getting married in a Catholic Church. We opted not to, but it is possible, and it's possible to do so without mass....

    Good Luck to ya!!!

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    I got married in October of last year, in a Catholic church, to my Catholic husband, and I was raised United Methodist.  It is totally allowed, although depending on the parish or part of the country you may have to jump through more hoops or red tape (for instance, my impression is that if you're in an area where Catholic-non Catholic weddings are less common, they can be a little more red tape).  I did not get pressured to convert, did NOT have to promise to raise kids Catholic, just did the same wedding stuff as any couple.  If a church gives you a hard time, find another church, but don't give up if a Catholic wedding is really what you want.
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    I'm currently going through marriage prep with my non-Catholic fiance, and happily so. Like others have said, it completely depends on the priest/parish/diocese. We read up on the "official" church rules before calling a priest, because my fiance was nervous about it. But from what we read and have been told by the priest doing our prep program, there isn't any problem with most Protestant-baptized folks marrying Catholics. The reason it worked for us was because my fiance was baptized Lutheran. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and like kmm said, find another church or priest if the one you have is giving you a hard time. Good luck!
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    My fiance is a practicing Catholic and I am Methodist (try to attend church regulary). We started going through with having a Catholic ceremony outside of mass (thought it would be the only way for FI to have marriage recognized as a sacrament), with the thought that we'd be able to incorporate non-Catholic things (since it is interfaith). As time has passed, I have found out that everything I thought I'd be allowed to include has been rejected by the priest.
    A couple of weeks ago the priest wanted to meet with us, and ended up spending 2hrs trying to 'enlighten' me about the Catholic Church, staring at me, and kept referring to me as 'you', but when speaking to my FI, he called him by his first name. He pretty much degraded my beliefs, wanting me to question my own faith. Since that meeting, I told FI I just couldn't go through with having this priest (who criticized me for 2hrs) be our officiant. FI and I are now getting married in a Methodist church, with the ability to personalize our ceremony how we want, and do whatever we want. FI is not too concerned at this point about getting our marriage blessed in the Catholic Church, but we will eventually, just not by the same priest.
    So good luck to everyone in an interfaith relationship. And it is true, that every priest does things differently.
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    My FI is catholic and I was raised attending wesleyan church. We live in Puerto Rico, we are not allowed to marry in a catholic church unless I convert which is not an option. So we are getting married in a small pentecostal church that did accept our unique situation. but i believe each location/ country is different just do some research... i guess
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    I am Pentecostal and my FI is Catholic.  We want to combine the Catholic, Pentecostal, Filipino, and white traditions.  Neither of us believe that converting is an option and we are having an outdoor wedding in Tennessee.  Any tips on how we should combine these?
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