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So hubby & I have been engaged for over a year and are now FINALLY starting to look in to venues and stuff... We know we want an outdoor wedding, probably during the spring or summer - don't really have a specific date in mind, we're super flexible about that. We just want it outdoors, surrounded by beautiful greenery & (hopefully) a creek, and during a warm day.... We want the ceremony at sunset and then the reception in the evening. If we can find a venue that we can host both at, that'd be great. It's a DIY wedding so our budget is fairly limited. Our guest list is about 100 people..... We just want something romantic, intimate, and beautiful.

Think family, friends, candles, butterflies (small detail), ivory/ivy, starry nights, etc...

Thanks ladies!

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    Hi Nsyncbgurl!  I just saw your post and I wanted to let you know that we were looking for many of the exact same things (and also trying to keep costs down) . . . and we were very lucky that we happened to stumble upon Ceres Park Ranch.  It's a very rustic/green/natural venue just outside of Austin and our experience has been AMAZING thus far.

    It's relatively new (I believe they just started hosting weddings in the past year or so); but the owner & his wife--who live on site--are eager to please and have been overwhelmingly helpful.  Try not to judge the venue based off of the bare-bones website (apparently they are working on this)! :)  The grounds are gorgeous (with lots of great hill country views and trees EVERYWHERE; also, HORSES!).  We are having both our ceremony & the reception on site--the ceremony under a really pretty canopy of trees; and the reception in their gorgeous pavilion (which, if I remember correctly, was built entirely out of recycled materials found on the grounds when they bought the ranch--cool!).  The pavilion has a very warm & rustic feeling to it.  I was looking for something barn-like, but preferably open-air . . . and finding the pavilion there was the ultimate jackpot (see below)! 

    I, too, am doing a lot of stuff DIY and I have to say that my favorite thing about CPR is the fact that they are so flexible about allowing us in early to decorate and willing to work with some of my more crazy ideas!

    Not sure how y'all feel about beer (we are HUGE fans ourselves), but Jester King Craft Brewery is on site and are providing us with discounted kegs of their incredible beer.  Beyond the beer, the venue owners are chalk full of great information and tips for saving money.  In fact, the owner's wife will even act as a wedding coordinator of sorts (but charges WAY less money than someone of this nature normally would).  They have given us so many incredible ideas . . . I just can't recommend them enough.  Chad and Cinnamon are the best!!

    The one downside is that they aren't the best to communicate with via email; but they are SUPER flexible about letting us come visit anytime we like and very responsive when communicating by phone.

    Alright, I've rambled for long enough here.  I hope this helps!
  • Alliaashley,

    Hamilton Twelve is definitely on my list of vendors! Thank you!!!

    - Meghan
  • Baileyallyson,

    I love long posts and I have the tendency to ramble too so don't worry about it!!!

    The picture of the CPS pavillion looks gorgeous! And has SO much decorating potential!!! I didn't come across that location when I was searching for vendors. Thank you so much for suggesting it!!!!

    P.s. Their homepage isn't that great but their facebook has TONS of pictures!

    - Meghan
  • Texas Old Town is lovely and rustic, with outdoor venues and indoor reception areas.
  • The hummingbird house in Manchaca!  It's fabulous --
  • Just so you know...

    At Hamilton Twelve you have to use them for catering, which I've heard nothing but great things about them but they tack on a pretty large fee for their labor (cook, servers, bartender). So you have labor fees, drink fee (you bring your own alcoholic beverages but you pay like $2.15 per person for the set up), you have a linen fee, china fee, coordinator fee, and actual food cost. Things can add up pretty quickly...since you don't have a choice of going elsewhere.

    They are very very helpful and it's a beautiful place. I'm very happy that's the place we choose, so if you have any questions let me know!

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