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Barn for Rustic Spring Wedding

I am looking for a nice barn for a rustic spring wedding. So far in Florida, I have only found Cross Creek Ranch (http://www.crosscreekranchfl.com/index.htm) and Wadsworth Ranch (http://www.wadsworthranch.com/). I like the feel of the Cross Creek Ranch much more than the Wadsworth. I have contacted both places for more information, but I would love to have more options in Florida. All the other places I have found are in Georgia and North Carolina. I am open to a wedding anywhere in Florida, Georgria, South Carolina, or North Carolina, but since I live in Orlando a wedding in Florida would be much easier. If you know of a place, please post the link and let me know if you had any experience with them (service, catering, cost, etc.).

Also, if you have had a wedding or experience (service, catering, cost, etc.) with either Cross Creek Ranch or Wadsworth Ranch, I would love to hear about it. THANKS!!

Re: Barn for Rustic Spring Wedding

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    There is a beautiful barn on the Northside of Jacksonville. It's called The Keeler Property. If you go to the webpage, you can email them for info. The property is absolutely gorgeous!

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    Check out my bio.  I got married at a remodeled barn in Monticello, FL.
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    This was posted on another thread...I have never been here myself but it seemed like it could be something that you might want to check out.


    Good luck to you!
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    I had a very close friend get married at the Wadsworth Ranch. All I have to say is AMAZING!! We looked at the Cross Creek Ranch and all I have to say about that place is CHEESY!! The Wadsworth Ranch was nothing but a big beautiful barn out in the middle of acres and acres of land. She had to bring everything there, but you didn't need much to make it intimate and absolutely gorgeous! What was so great was for one their caterer is Aurthurs Catering out of Orlando. They were unbelieveable! They had a southern flair menu but very classy! The owners of the ranch were very easy to work with. I know they only hold a couple of weddings there a year. It's kind of an exclusive place. If you have a vision of a real southern wedding I would look into the Wadsworth Ranch if your lucky enough!! Her wedding has been featured in three local magazines!
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    I would like to see some of the pictures of her wedding at the Wadsworth Ranch, are the here on theknot?
  • oh my, if you want a beautiful rustic barn setting, you have to contact Picalata.  I went and visited their new venue and nothing compares.  Beautiful Barn, a lake, a dock, my photographer even took pictures....never saw anything like it.  The interior of the barn...beautiful wooden walls and flooring...stunning.  I can't say enough and it is where I am going to have my wedding for sure.  I don't have a phone number but I do have an email address.  contact [email protected]   seriously, you will have your wedding there if you visit.  good luck to you!
  • and you know what else....you use your own vendors at Picalata......beautiful and hassle free!
  • http://www.madyjoephotographyblog.com/2012/03/08/picalata-farms-st-augustine-wedding-photographer/

    Here is a link to Mady Joe Photography...she did a small shoot at Picalata!  Check out her blog and pictures!
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    Laytn's Land-n is located in Yulee Florida.  A huge barn sits under majestic oak trees There is a 30' dock that sits next to a natural spring fed pond.  Location make for a beautiful rustic setting.   email [email protected]  see Facebook laytn's land-n for pictures.
  • I was just in contact with someone from Picalata...they only offer photo sessions. The don't rent out their facility for weddings/receptions. #bummer
  • Hey,

    I know the last post was 2 months ago, wasn't sure if you're still looking:

    Haven't been there personally but it looks beautiful.
  • The contact number and website don't allow me to inquire at the wads worth ranch. Does anyone have another contact number or information. I would to see it. Thank you.
  • <div>i found the skyline ranch in groveland florida </div><div>
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    [QUOTE]The contact number and website don't allow me to inquire at the wads worth ranch. Does anyone have another contact number or information. I would to see it. Thank you.
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