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Kitchen-Aid stand mixer help

I am trying to pick out the Kitchen Aid stand mixer I will register for (been coveting this for a looong time).  Any input would be appreciated.  I am registered at BBB and Macy's and have a few questions:

Is a 5 qt bowl sufficient for normal use?
Bowl: stainless or glass?  should I register for an extra bowl in the other material?
Tilt Head: is this a must-have feature?
Which registry should I put this on? (BBB has 20% off coupons, Macy's prices seem higher, but they have regular sales).

Yes, I am overthinking this....:) TIA.
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Re: Kitchen-Aid stand mixer help

  • I think 5qt is plenty big, I've used my mom's for up to 6 dozen cookies and dough for 2 pizzas, so it suits our needs. I suppose it would depend on what you planned to use it for though. I've only ever used the stainless bowl and have never wished I had a glass one. I like the tilt head, but that's probably only because that's what I've always used. My FMIL doesn't have a tilt head and seems to also love her mixer, so I think you'd get used to whichever you received. I actually put it on both my BBB and Macy's so it could be purchased at the buyer's preferred store. It was bought off our BBB registry, so I deleted it off the Macy's one. HTH :)
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  • I've used all of the above, and I prefer a tilt head (I think it's easier to get the bowls and beaters in and out of than the lift mixers), and I love glass bowls because they have measurements.  The thing to know about the stainless bowls is if you don't get the height adjusted correctly for the first several uses, the beaters can actually scrape off some of the metal.  I've seen it happen before.  That doesn't happen with glass.
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  • We already purchased a kitchenaid mixer for ourselves. The 5 quart is pleanty big. I love the metal mixing bowl, and don't see any reason to get the glass one instead. I love the tilting head. It really does help when you have a large amount of stuff in the bowl to maneuver it. I would put it on the Macy's registry, only because we put our big ticket items at Macys, and our more affordable ones at BBB. 
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  • In Response to Re:KitchenAid stand mixer help:[QUOTE]Depends on what you want it to do.nbsp; If you do normal baking, then the basic Artisan model is enough for most people.nbsp; If you make large batches of cookies or bread dough, then you'll want a more powerful motor.nbsp; The 600 Pro is the most powerful.nbsp; Kitchenaid's site lets you compare models. Posted by RetreadBride[/QUOTE]

    Thanks. Yours is the only response I have been able to see. TK ate the rest for me. I'll check out KA's website...I hadn't thought of that!
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