Something old/new/borrowed/blue

What are you ladies using/what did you use?

Re: Something old/new/borrowed/blue

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    My something old was a necklace I wore. My something new was my dress (or undies if you don't count the dress like some people). My something borrowed was a pair of earrings. And my something blue was my Air Force garter (H is in the AF).
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    I didn't do borrowed.

    My old was my slip/bra, which were 2nd hand.

    My new was my dress, veil, shoes, jewelry, etc.

    My blue - my undies, toes, and the ribbon on my bouquet.  One of my colors was tiffany blue, so the toes and ribbon were that color.
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    My old was the jewelry I had been gifted for our first 3 Christmas holidays, my new was my dress, veil, headpiece, garter and shoes, my borrowed was my mother's ring, and my blue was my friend's ring tied to my garter. :)
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    I just figured these out this weekend.

    Something old - great grandmothers wedding ring
    Something new - dress, veil, shoes, necklace etc etc
    Something borrowed - bracelet from mom
    Something blue - undies ;)

    but I tell FI he is my something old ;)

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    Something old- great grandmother's Hanky
    Something new- gift from FI that I'll be getting on the wedding night
    Something borrowed- brooch from my mother to pin into my bouquet
    Something blue- sapphire ring on my right hand

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    I haven't completely worked these out yet because I still have a long way to go before the big day:

    Something old: this sounds gross but undies... I have a lucky pair.
    Something new: um... everything
    Something borrowed: not sure yet- probably jewelry of some kind depending on what I decide to wear for jewelry, or a hairpiece
    Something blue: my shoes, the first thing I bought for the wedding
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