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semi-permenant eyelashes?

Experiences?  How long do they last? Do they look natural? Do you still need to wear mascara?
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Re: semi-permenant eyelashes?

  • A friend of mine got them for her wedding and if you look at her wedding video you'll see her blinking like a rabbit. 
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  • I got them years ago for my prom, I loved them! I imagine that they're even better now then they were then. The MUA told me you could elect to go with or without mascara, I mostly went without, but for the day of prom I put some on.

    They lasted a few weeks, as long as you're gentle with them and make sure not to rub your eyes
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  • I have them, and I love them! ditto what pp said about not rubbing your eyes too much but aside from that your eyes always look bright and fresh.. I don't typically use mascara with them because they are great alone but have used it and it makes them pop even more... I get them done once a month and love them!
  • i have a question....whats the difference between me putting them on and semi permanant? is there a difference?
  • If you're asking about the difference between professional eyelash extensions and the kind you buy at the drugstore, there are a few differences. If you do them yourself, you will have a choice between strips and individual lashes. Both use the same glue (DUO brand works great), but strips are more dramatic IMO while individual lashes are a bit more natural looking, but more tedious to apply. They typically last one day/night and then you remove them with your makeup at the end of the day. This option is inexpensive, less than ten dollars. Professionals use a special bonding glue to apply individual lashes to most of your own lashes. Where I live the initial set is about 100 dollars and takes a few hours to apply. They should, last a few weeks as long as you are careful. I hope this is helpful. :)
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