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Starting to sweat/stress... about my dress not coming in yet

I have most of the details out of the way for my April 21st wedding. Men got fitted for tuxes, bridesmaides already have their dresses in hand.  I ordered my wedding dress Sept 15th of last year, over 4 monthes ago and still no response from the bridal place. I called them and they are calling the supplier to find out a date. I know it could take 5 or more monthes just curious if everyone that has an april wedding has gotten there dress in yet? When are the fittings etc.

Re: Starting to sweat/stress... about my dress not coming in yet

  • Nope, mine comes in February. The salon said that's plenty of time. No need to sweat over something you can't control. 

    The fact that one of my BM still hasn't bought her dress, on the other hand, is starting to bother me.
  • I bought mine off the rack, and had my first fitting in December.  My 2nd one is the first weekend in March.  Good LUCK!  I hope yours comes in soon!!

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  • Well i sure hope they have some good news that the dress is on its way.

  • Mine just got in, I ordered it last March. It was so long I barely remembered what it looked like!
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  • I'm sure they will work with you on the fittings after your dress comes in.  When I got fitted before my bridal pictures, it just took a few weeks and all they had to do after the first fitting was move the hook and eye on the panel in the back and they had my dress back in a week after that.
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  • I ordered mine in in September too... about a week after yours and haven't gotten it yet. I'm not worried... there is still a lot of time left.

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  • I'm in the same boat. My dress was supposed to be in January/February time. I just called the store and they said the shipment date wasn't until March! I just want to be sure I have enough time for any alterations and making sure I have the correct under garments in time. :( 
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    Mine is supposed to be in at the end of february... That makes me nervous...
    Also, my ONE BM hasn't gotten her dress yet, but i don't think that will be a huge problem. I'm just worried because if my dress comes on march 1st, there is actually just over 4 weeks to get it altered and stuff before i leave for my wedding.

    This is probably my biggest worry. If i don't have my dress, i'm screwed.
  • I ordered mine last March as well and it didn't come in until December. (Or it may have been the end of November, can't quite remember.)  It is in the process of being altered and my next appointment is Tuesday.


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  • Mine came in really quickly, so I'm no help in that department.

    My date is April 15th, and my first fitting is scheduled for Feb 25th. We'll have another two, so I'm guessing about 3 weeks apart from that. I'm so nervous for this part! I haven't tried it on since August so I'm a little worried that despite what the scale says I'm bigger!
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  • I'm in the same boat.  I ordered mine at the end of Sept and they told me it would be in sometime in Feb.  I'm not stressed about the timing, at least not yet anyways.Undecided

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  • I'm in the exact same boat, which was kinda crazy because I'm also getting married 4/21 and also bought my dress on 9/15 and they told me second week in jan.....it still hasn't arrived and i've begun to get nervous.
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