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June 2013 Weddings

How much...

do YOU have done?

I've found my venue, my church, my caterer, my photographer, and possibly a DJ.

I've bought about half my centerpieces, my guestbook/photobooth book, chair sashes, shoes, candles, invitations...I think I'm a little ahead of myself!
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Re: How much...

  • I have my Church and reception venue booked. I have a consultation with a florist this weekend (she is a friend of the family so we basically have her "booked"). We have been researching photographers and DJs and plan to pick our top choices over our winter break and probably schedule consultations with them throughout January and February. We want to have photog and DJ booked by April. As far as my dress, decorations, BM dresses, guestbook etc. we are planning to do that this summer. We are waiting to do all of that mostly because we are both in school and don't have a lot of time on our hands! I'm just excited to almost be under 1.5 years ... a year and a half seems like a long time but a year and 5/4/3/2 etc. months seems like it's coming up quick! lol

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  • My Fi and I have our Venue, Photographer, and Day of Coordinator booked. I am trying to get through the holidays in one piece, and then i plan on starting to meet with other vendors and getting them locked in! The time is definitely ticking by at a decent rate. I am looking forward to this upcoming year, and hoping to have most of the venue and vendors paid off so that we can relax a little pre-wedding.

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  • Wow, lmn!! I'm impressed (and a little envious) with how much you have done!!

    We've got our venue picked out (we're just waiting on a tasting with the caterer before officially booking it), I've got the music lined up for the ceremony/cocktail hour, and I've asked my future sister-in-law, who is a makeup artist and owns her own makeup store down south, to do the makeup for the bridal party. I've also got one appointment set to try on dresses the day after Christmas.

    We got engaged at the end of August, and at that time, it seemed like June 2013 was soooo far away...and now I can't believe we're already down to a year and a half!!
  • So far we have our Ceremony and Reception venue booked. The caterer and cake came with the venue. The officiant will be my MOH's father, and he will also do the pre-wedding counselling. The photographer will most likely be my cousin since she has a studio and is quite talented, but I am also looking elsewhere because she's being tough to get ahold of and I think it's because I'm family(this is going to be an issue, I can already tell.) 

    I do believe we found our DJ, thanks to a friend of mine. I've ordered the "Will you be my bridesmaid" cards, they should arrive right after Christmas. I also know what style of Save the Date cards I want and once we get our e-session done then those can go out in early spring/summer. I think I've finally figured out the colors, and I know what style dress I want. Won't start dress shopping until the end of January though because I have to wait until my aunt comes back from overseas. 

    I've started working on the guestlist as well. Oh, and we have our first dance song picked out! :) 
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  • We have the venue booked - ceremony and reception will be in the same place. We're talking to officiants now, trying to coordinate an interfaith (Jewish and Catholic) ceremony. This spring I might start trying on a few dresses, but won't purchase until the summer/late fall. FI and I are both finishing up school, coordinating our upcoming move, and I'll be applying to dental schools this summer...sooo we aren't going to do much more planning until end of summer, but we're doing plenty of research!
  • Holy moly!

    You all put me to shame LOL

    I've only scouted out venues and churches lol We're planning on booking our venue in the new year (needed to save up $$ because it was an unusually large sum vs other venues) and I'll be calling the church in the spring to see the progress on the construction (Caught fire this year, they were going to demo it but voted by like 51/49 to restore it so it should be ready next fall - well in advance of us getting married)

    Other than that I've been passively looking at cakes designs, invitations and photographers.

    I already went dress shopping with some friends to look at styles and whatnot and have a good idea on what I like/dislike (and found a really nice dress that is flagged to keep in mind for the future lol)
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  • So far we have a church, reception site, caterer, photographer and DJ booked. I have picked out my dress (not purchases yet) and the bridesmaids dresses. I know where I wanted to get my flowers done at but have not yet gone there.  I wanted to get everything done early since I will be moving out of the city taht we are getting married so that I can be with Fiance. (he is at school 4 hours away) And I feel comfortable leaving now that I know I have the bigger stuff done.
  • Venue and Church booked, narrowing photographer now (hope to book in a month), chose colors, have DJ and florist unofficially, haven't done a contract yet but will (family friends).

    Haven't purchased any objects, but did pick up some sweet barrels from a local brewery who was throwing them out (can only use them once) sooo those are taking up my fathers shed haha.
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  • We have the ceremony and reception locations booked. I also want to have photographer and dj booked by april. I plan on finding my dress, flowers, etc. next summer.
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  • We have our venue booked (ceremony will be on site). Other than that, not much else is done! My best friend's wedding is this May so I'm really focusing on that right now, plus she's my MOH and the more organized of the two of us. :) I do want to start looking for my dress in February and I've started researching bands and photographers, just haven't decided on any yet.
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  • We can't book our ceremony site until Jan 3rd 2012.
    Once that is booked, we are signing with our caterer and reception hall and photographer.

    Still looking for a DJ and trying to finalize other plans.

    I'd rather be ahead then behind. :)

    People keep asking why I'm planning so early.  Hello?  A year and a half isn't early!! haha

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  • We have booked our venue, which will be for ceremony and reception.  It is only a space, so we will need to bring in EVERYTHING else.  We've done some research, and have set up a separate "wedding fund" account.  I'm hoping to get through the holidays, and then start doing some serious planning and deposit laying downing!
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  • We have nothing done! Haha! But, we have been engaged less than 2 weeks. I plan on doing a lot more after the holidays, and we're having a very small, simple ceremony anyway.

    It's funny how people wonder why we are waiting until 2013 to get married...I remind them that 2012 is in a couple weeks!!
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_june-2013-weddings_much?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:f30b0bfc-508d-415c-bf59-ab83e327da37Discussion:93dfeb13-4b9f-441d-b997-aeb714c6b30dPost:d7748bff-d678-4436-a99c-ffb732652bef">Re: How much...</a>:
    [QUOTE]We have nothing done! Haha! But, we have been engaged less than 2 weeks. I plan on doing a lot more after the holidays, and we're having a very small, simple ceremony anyway.<strong> It's funny how people wonder why we are waiting until 2013 to get married...I remind them that 2012 is in a couple weeks!!
    </strong>Posted by rbeck81[/QUOTE]

    That and for us (We got engaged this past June) we needed the extra time to save up for it all. Unfortuantely I have a HUGE immediate family (including my parents siblings) so we'll easily be looking at 200+ - Which I desperately want to reduce if possible LOL Thankfully, FI doesnt have much family at all. Literally - they are 'trying' to find 20 people to invite on their side - I've asked them to invite some close friends so they will have someone they know there to talk with!
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  • We have a venue for our reception and ceremony picked out and we also booked a photographer. The reception hall is also our caterer. I looked at dressed a couple days ago with my mom and I found one I really like... I'm just not sure if it's too early to purchase a dress, any thoughts? 
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  • My thoughts on a buying a dress...if you LOVE it, and its a great price, go for it.

    You can always sell it if you want a different one when it gets closer.
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  • I have the church booked, dress bought, invites bought (not printed yet), centerpieces have been hanging out in my basement for a while now (recycling from my cousin's reception).
    Waiting on my FMIL to get me a list of people she and FFIL want to invite.  I plan on booking a reception venue ASAP.  I've got a pretty good idea of who's doing cakes & photos.  Then I'll be looking for a DJ.  I feel like once I get that all done, it'll be smooth sailing :)
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