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What class are you Knotting in?

I'm knotting in my Integrated Social Studies class....I do every week : ) It's very boring 

Re: What class are you Knotting in?

  • Not in class...I'm knotting from work. Don't have class until 6:00 tonight...blahh
  • HinajHinaj
    knotting from work. LOL.  Don't have class till Thursday evening. 
  • I don't get the whole concept of surfing the internet while in class, to be honest.  I think it's really distracting and disrespectful to the professor.  But it wasn't possible when I was an undergrad, and it's pretty uncommon at my school now, so maybe I'm just being a grinch about it.
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  • I can't take a computer to class... otherwise I would be knotting and facebooking the whole time..
  • LauraT: I never surf the web in classes of professors I respect :-)

    My first two universities both had less than 2,000 students and were the sort of places where the president would have our class over for dinner.  My professors were wonderful and I would never have dreamt of being online while in class!

    Now I'm at a school where some of my classes have more than 300 students and are seriously watered-down versions of classes I already took, so I think I would go insane if I had to actually pay attention!  Hooray for campus-wide internet!  The classes in my major are small (<20) and the profs are awesome and I do respect them enough to pay attention.
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  • There was a girl that sat a few rows in front of me in one of my core requirements last year, and she had a laptop with a pretty big screen and was always just looking at random stuff.  She was directly in my line of sight, and a handful of us wound up moving because it was so distracting when she'd watch movies or play games because of all the motion in our peripheral vision. 

    It turns out, we had a professor sit in a few lectures and he mentioned it the coursemaster, so she lost out on the 'gimme' 10% participation grade, and got no mercy when she was tottering on the edge of passing.

    The guy next to me in the same class was constantly texting and had his phone on vibrate, so even though the prof couldn't hear, it was extremely annoying to those of us around him.  When I tried to move away from him, he just followed, so I had to tell him to put it on silent (or, hey, pay attention in class).

    I'm not saying that all of you are that bad.  Since this is my only real experience with it (in undergrad, we didn't have wireless, and now my classes are so small no one would dream of doing it), I'm definitely biased.
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  • HinajHinaj
    I have difficulty doing it in class especially when I know someone is sitting behind me or next me.  I feel like they are just looking at what is she up to over there.  LOL.  Most of the time, I don't go on the internet in class unless I have to.  And since last quarter I have been having trouble connecting online at school and I am too lazy to figure out why. 
  • Oh um, well I take notes on my computer and have found that if I don't do anything in class I will fall asleep, which bothers my professors a lot. I didn't intend to be disrespectful, or obnoxious. For the record I sit in the last row of a class room that sits a few hundred students.
  • sorry...meant to add a smiley to the end of my post :)
  • I have iclickers in my class also! I go to Michigan State University, I didn't know how widely they were used
  • I'm afraid to bring my computer to class. I'm to the point where I really need to pay attention, so bringing my computer would definitely be hazardous to my grades. I should be studying for my Income Tax class right now, though...

  • we're not really allowed to - though i know if I had it in class I definitely would!!!
  • I spend like all day at my internship on here haha! It's pretty bad, but way more fun then editing articles :)
  • I Knot with permission from my Prof.  I am a Teacher's Ed Major with a minor in Home Economics.  My Marriage and Family Prof actually had an assignment where we were supposed to 'explore TK' and learn about budgeting and the checklist since none of us are married yet.  LOL  so that was an easy assignment.  So when she lectures about planning a wedding or what not she lets me get on here and actually do the work.  Sometime she uses my account to show the rest of the class stuff. 

    So I have it good. :)

  • my favorite class to knot in is my 3 hour financial management class. All the prof ever does is talk about the stuff I already studied because he assigns the homework before we actually cover the material. (which is bass-ackwards if you ask me) I actually don't have the option of not bringing my laptop to class because I was in a car accident last year and I have trouble holding a pen for long periods of time.

    I really should be working on my developing nations presentation for Tuesday though. I know little to nothing about urbanization in India even though I picked the country and the topic like two months ago.
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