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does anyone know what the specific requirements are when applying?

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  • Here's a link to the Maine state government site that lists specific requirements:

    Looks like you just need to be over 18 and have a driver's license with you.
  • You both have to be there with picture IDs and make sure you give yourself a little time to get it.  I think we were there for 20-30 minutes even though there were no lines.  I think it's valid for 90 days.  Your officiant is the one to file it.  We gave it to him at the rehearsal the night before and he took care of having the witnesses sign it.  But he/she is the one who is supposed to complete it and drop it in the mail. 

    After the fact, I strongly recommend getting two copies at one time.  When you buy multiple copies at once, they discount the second one.  This way, I had an official copy and DH had one too to deal with the changes we had to make that required legal proof that we were married.
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    You could also check out my blog post about it, here: and search for "license". For some reason this site isn't allowing a link directly to the blog post. Strange...

    Don't forget, if you were previously married you'll need to bring your divorce decree/certificate and if you have a deceased spouse you'll also need to bring the death certificate. Make sure the copy of the document you bring is official with a raised seal or else you'll be sent away.

    Since the license is valid for 90 days, I always suggest getting the license well in advance of the wedding (if possible).
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