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Favorite Holiday Gift!

Re: Favorite Holiday Gift!

  • ipod shuffle...feels good to join the rest of the world in the
    21st century....

    just don't think I have room for all of my 80's favorites though
  • My parents got me a Sony Reader. 100% total surprise and I love it!!!! I also love everything that the Mr. got me. Some surprises but somethings that i've wanted for a while and had forgotten about.
  • DH got me a Blu-Ray player.  I have wanted one FOREVER.  I also got a LOT of GC for clothes.  I haven't been clothes shopping in so long.
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  • I'm gonna sound so lame...but I got exactly what I wanted...the Gemini range and double oven...I freakin love this thing!
  • I got the make-up brush set that I wanted. It's really girly and has super soft bristles so me and Willow can put powder on our noses together. I got the Better Homes and Gardens comforter set that is burnt orange and brown and has a damask print on it from Wally-world. It's really comfy and machine washable, unlike my last comforter set that was dry-clean only and annoying. I also got a vintage rhinestone bracelet and the rhinestone buttons to put on my garter set. FH did a really good job with that one. I was really surprised!!! We got some gift certificates and I went and got my Viva la Juicy perfume which I LOVE (but I hate it when someone puts too much on! just a DAB will do!). We also went out and bought Pictionary Man which is a blast and it's something we can play together when we're bored. Willow had a really great Christmas, too! She absolutely LOVES her kitchen play set and all of the plastic food things that she got to go with it! All of us are having fun playing with it! She plays with it all day! :)
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  • Last year my FI bought me a diamond skull and crossbones necklace, this year he bought me a diamond music note necklace. I love both of them, they're so cute! I wear them all the time :)
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