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My fiance and I are having a rustic/romantic outdoor wedding.

We are very low maintenance and enjoy the little things in our life, so we just wanted to have a fun party with good music and food.

We are heading toward a BBQ/picnic type theme. Have some large grills for the meats and some great sides, but I am having issues with how to go about doing it. Whether finding a vendor or doing the food ourselves. do you have any advice for how we could go about it. We live in Atlanta, GA and are looking at the location called The Farm. thanks =)Laughing

Re: Cookout Idea

  • I have in the past helped my mom do large bbq events and we also plan do it for my wedding. When we have done it in the past we got pre-cook brisket from sams club with cole slaw, beans, and chips. I have found its easy simple and farley inexpensive. Make sure you do keep the food at the right temperature to keep you guest from getting food poising. If you use chafing dishes it will help keep your warm food warm and I have used them also to keep cold food cold. To keep the cold food cold I have put ice in the water and obviously not use the burner and depending on how hot it is how long the ice will last just have whoever is doing the food to keep an eye one the ice to make sure it is not melted. A

    As for who does it we have a family friend who has offered to cook for us as far as servers since we are doing it buffet style we are planning on asking friends of our wedding party (people we know although they will not be invited to the wedding)  to do it paying them a little money and free food.

  • I am having my wedding/reception at a venue that allows us to bring in any caterer (family included). We are having an outside vendor do all of our food, but one thing that the owner of the site pointed out during our first visit was to keep in mind the power outlets/power ability.

    Many times outdoor places do not have the capacity to fully equip DIY catering -- just be aware & ask your venue beforehand. The owner of my venue commented that she has seen the music/DJ go completely silent mid-song because the 'family caterer' was not prepared for the power ability. This might just be my venue - but consider asking! If you can do it for less (stress and money!), then go for it!

    Also, I agree with the PP that you should check into liability insurance. I am REQUIRED to have it because we are stocking the bar. Not sure about food-only, but you should check. It isn't that bad -- try wedsafe.com or your personal insurance agent. I think I've been quoted about $150, which isn't too bad!
  • " Laws differ from state to state and if someone were to get food poisoning at your house, you MAY be liable for negligence."

    In theory, you can also be held liable if someone slips and falls and gets injured while dancing. At some point you just have to trust that your guests aren't jerks. And hope nobody gets hurt/injured.

    And there's no rule that family and friends can't work the wedding. You just have to decide if you're okay with that. Then ask if they're okay with that. If you're both excited about it then go for it. If you'd rather not have to worry about family friends making/serving food, then go with a caterer. Or consider breaking it up. You could do hors-devours and dessert yourself but have the caterer do the main meal. There are lots of options. Don't limit yourself, either way.
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