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Makeup Recommendation


I am thinking about booking Maris Malone Calderon for my wedding day makeup (and trial run before then).  Has anyone used her or know anything about her (positive or negative)?  Also, she does airbrush makeup.  Has anyone had any negative experiences with it?  Any comments are greatly appreciated!

Thanks!  :)

Re: Makeup Recommendation

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    I don't know about her specifically, but I had my make-up trial with Keep Austin Gorgeous, and LOVED my airbrush. Its felt so light and non-cakey, and since I don't even own make-up let alone wear it ever, I was really surprised to find that it truly felt like I wasn't wearing any. 

    Then like 5 hours later I totally forgot it was on, and had to go forcibly remove it from my face. It looked exactly the same, even the lip stain.
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    I'm using one of the assistant artists, Maggie Bosworth, that works with Maris Malone Calderon. I had heard some great reviews on Maris, but she wasn't quite in my budget, so met with Maggie and really liked her and photos of her work. The package I got includes air brush, false lashes and a touch up kit! I am actually about to call Maggie and schedule my trial!
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    Maris did the makeup for my engagement photos, and she is skilled and has great "bedside" manner.  I will say though, that I did NOT like the airbrushed makeup.  It felt too painted on and I even looked a little orange in some of my photos.  I've signed on Rochelle Rae of Rae Cosmetics to do my wedding day makeup.  She produces her own line and while it stayed on all day and night after my trial, I never felt heavy or made-up.  I got a lot of compliments on  how beautiful and natural it looked.  It let my freckles still show through, you know what I mean?  But I still never looked sweaty or oily and it looked fresh all day long.

    Rochelle can do air-brushing, but she's not crazy about how it looks and I agree.  You might just have to try it yourself.  Hope that helps!
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