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What song for Bridesmaids entrance?

What song are you using for bridesmaids entrance?  I dont really want traditional music.  I'm walking down to my future hubby playing Marry Me on guitar.  I've been all over the place...even Girls just wanna have fun.  The music is stressing me out

Re: What song for Bridesmaids entrance?

  • Also what songs are you using for bridal party introductions?
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    My bridesmaids came in to The Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun" performed by a string trio. We didn't do introductions at the reception. 
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  • Someone just sent me that song on acoustic guitar...I really like it:)  Thanks!
  • I'm walking to marry me too :)

    wedding party, family etc, i'm back and forth daily between "Fools rush in" from Ingrid Michealson or a cover acoustic version of "We Found Love."

    for the reception entrance, my girls are doing "Girls Run The World" from Beyonce and the guys were doing "Sharp Dressed Man" from zz top, but we may change the boys to Suit & Tie from Justin Timberlake.

  • My Girls and myself will also be walking in to Marry Me by Train. Our induc. Song for bridal party is let me clear my throat by DJ Kool and for bride and groom. bring em out by TI / JayZ
  • We're having a violin/cello duo for the ceremony. As of yet, they haven't told me they CAN'T do our chosen song - Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" for the wedding party entrance. It will just be the instrumental part of the song. Is it weird that FI and I are using the same song for our first dance song for the reception, but the original song?

    And I'm still working on ideas for the WP reception entrance.
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