When should you start looking for a florist ?

  Hi Everyone,
      My wedding is June 01, 2013 is it to early to start booking appointments with florists? 

Thanks for the advice!!
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Re: When should you start looking for a florist ?

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    Most florists want you to be set on a color (meaning your BM dresses have been picked out) before meeting with them.  Most brides change their minds a hundred times during the course of planning a wedding so you should really have a clear picture of what you may or may not want.

    I would say you can start scoping out florists but I wouldn't meet with any until you are about 5-6 months out.

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    I booked mine about 6 months out simply because I wanted all my "big" vendors out of the way before wedding season started here.  I agree you may change your mind but most florists will allow you to make most changes up to a few weeks before the wedding.  I had a clear vision of what I wanted from the start.

    But yeah, I would say a year is a little early.
  • egm900egm900 member
    I booked mine 7 months out, but all of the attire had already been ordered as well as all of the venues booked, so we had our color palette.  You really need your venues, color palette, and an idea of what you actually want to get a realistic quote (i.e. flowers on all the tables or something else for the center pieces, a funny spot in your venue that looks like it's missing something and might need a floral arrangement, etc.).
  • I agree with everyone else, you probably want to know what everyone is wearing, what the style of your venue is, and most importantly, your BUDGET!

    This would be a good question to ask on your local board as well. Our local board has a "vendor tab" at the top with the vendors the local brides have hired for their weddings. The "best" ones who are reasonably priced book up quickly. While you may not know the specifics as mentioned above, you can still "book" a vendor early with a small down payment, and go over the specifics later with them to firm it up. At the minimum you should know how many guests, divide by 10 to get the approximate number of tables, add a couple to that for cake table/head table, and the number of attendants, corsages, bouts, etc to give the florist enough time to come up with an estimate to base your down payment on.
  • If flowers are important to you, I'd actually interview florists over the next month, but if you don't find one you love, wait until theknot's recommendation of 6 months out, or December/January.

    Here's why you might want to look around now: It's the same season as your wedding. Thus, you are more likely to get a chance to see (and smell), in person, the flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding.

    Because I did tastings 9 months before the wedding, I didn't get a chance to taste the seasonal vegetables that will be served at my wedding. So, if you have a more narrow budget, and so want what's in season, but flowers are still a budget priority, again, might be good to look around now.
  • Thank you for all the advice I really appreciate it!!
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