Russell's Photography/Studio1923??????

I love both...anyone have any opinions on either....i am looking for my photos to be different and non traditional everyone stand in a line type of thing....
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Re: Russell's Photography/Studio1923??????

  • I'm using Studio1923 and I absolutely love them!  They are great down to earth people, have an amazing eye for photography, very responsive, makes you feel very comfortable....I could go on and on.  My cousin has been using him since 2008 (her wedding and her 2 kids) and she also has nothing but good things to say, too! 
  • I haven't heard (or don't remember) Russell's, but I LOVE Studio1923. Jerome is fantastic at taking pictures, and as a person. Did you see his facebook page (clicky)?  He's got all his latest photography on there. I think my favorite album is the "How did you get that" (clicky). It shows how much work Jerome puts into taking pictures! 
  • Hand's down, Studio 1923!  We didn't end up booking Jerome since I wanted a RI based photographer but even our photographer speaks highly of Studio 1923.  If they are in your budget and available, I would not pass them up!
  • We're using Russell's Photgraphy & LOVE them. Very easy to work with, super nice, and have a wide variety of pricing. Plus their pictures are awesome!
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  • Another Studio1923 bride here!!  and I can go on and on and on about how amazing Jerome and Jen are.  We booked a Wear It One More Time Session right after our wedding because I LOVE LOVE LOVE their work.   
  • Ditto PP's, another vote for Studio 1923. I am using them for my wedding and they have been absolutely wonderful to work with so far. Super responsive, friendly, and helpful. Definitely book them if you can! :)
  • I loved Studio1923 and Jerome - he was very friendly and nice and helpful, even though he didn't end up being in our budget (and we do love our photographers).



  • Russell's bride here. LOVE them!!! I haven't seen Studio 1923 but I am very happy with experience so far with Danielle. Amazing work AND amazing people!! Good luck!
  • Another vote for Studio 1923!  We LOVED working with them for our wedding and our "Wear It One More Time" shoot.
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