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So, I'm trying to figure out my bridal party even though I have plenty of time to do it. I'm asking for people's opinion on one particular detail of it- would it be wrong to ask my college roommates sister to be a bridesmaid but not my college roommate? My roommate tended to really aggrivate me while we lived together all 4 years of college, but me and her sister always got along great, without any problems. I'd much rather not have my roommate in my wedding simply because I know she'll end up making me even more irritated and frustrated. How wrong would this be?

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    There is no need to explain to anyone your reasonings for whom you've chosen to be in your WP. If you truly feel as if you were closer to your roommate's sister, that's all that matters.
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    "Holy slow down!!  Your weeding is 2.5 years away.  You should not ask ANYONE to be in your WP until about 8ish months before the date.  Your friendship can easily change with someone within the next 2+ years.  Once you have asked someone to be a BM you are not allowed to kick them out."

    Exactly ^


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    well you are out of college, so its not like you have to live with her anger if she doesnt like that she wasnt invited to be in the party.  
    it is your wedding party though, so you can choose anyone you want.  you dont need to feel bad for that.  just like a girl i went to high school with isnt in my party, but her sister is because we get along and i love the girl!
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