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My fiance and I just got engaged and are looking for a wedding venue in Southern Oregon for sometime between April and August, 2013. We'd like to do it some place outdoors if our requirements can be meant. We don't have a strict budget yet on the wedding, but obviously the less expensive, the better. Here is what we're looking for.
  • Roughly 200 people.
  • In Southern Oregon (No further North than Grants Pass probably).
  • If outdoors, needs to have actual restrooms available (Porta-Potties and weddings don't go hand in hand in our opinion).
Since we are just at the very start of the planning, we don't have a caterer or anything planned. So if they require use of their catering service, that's fine. We're just looking for ideas. If they provide everything (tables, dance floor, linens, etc.) or nothing aside from a location or anything in between, that'd be fine by us. Once we find a venue, we can figure the other items out or let them take care of them.

Any ideas for a venue would be most appreciated.

Re: Wedding Venue - Southern Oregon

  • there are many fun places in southern oregon:
    check out:
    - Eden Valley
    - Schmidt Vineyard
    - applegate river ranch house
    - Belle Fiore (it's a new place in ashland)

  • I'm from GP and when I was growing up I always wanted to get married at the R-Haus.  Has a beautiful outdoor area right on the river and they have delicious food :)
  • There are tons of options for outdoor weddings in Medford and the surrounding area--

    EdenVale Windery
    RoxyAnn Winery
    Paschal Winery
    Lithia Park in Ashland
    Event on the Peak in Central Point

    I just booked the Jacksonville Inn for New Years, but they have a beautiful set up for outdoor weddings as well!

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