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North Carolina

Good Morning!!

Its Thursday! Almost Friday. I feel like I had just closed my eyes and then the alarms starting going off.  Such a good deep sleep...ah I miss my bed already. 

Hope everyone has a great day.

Re: Good Morning!!

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    Good morning!  I'm in for another 3 day weekend AT work starting tomorrow, so I've got to enjoy my last free day before going back.  I'm looking forward to enjoying today and getting the weekend over with....unlike everyone else, I bet!  Hope everyone enjoys yet another warm, summer day!!!

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  • SassyPants150SassyPants150 member
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    Talked to one of my BMs last night until 11:30p...I don't get to talk to her often so it was great to catch up.  However, it makes for a sleepy day today!

    We are FINALLY meeting with our pastor.  FI knows him...he was his youth pastor as a kid and now is a pastor at a church in Kings Mountain.  We never could reach him to find out how many times we were meeting or whatnot but we took our "test" online and he got back with Jason about meeting next week for about 30-40 minutes...I guess we passed our test. Hah. :)

    The boss is gone through the rest of the week (Also the Future FIL)  so it won't quite be like a dragon spitting fire through the rest of the week which is a major relief.  Hopefully I won't feel the need to yank all of my hair out today and tomorrow. 

    1 day til the weekend!! Happy Thursday!!
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  • pirategal03pirategal03 member
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    Happy Thursday!  My aunt and cousins are coming into town today for a horse show thingie, I'm excited to see them.  I'm only working a half day tomorrow and then we're headed to the beach!  I can't wait.  I need the relaxation.

    Hope you all have a great day.
  • wlfpkbridewlfpkbride member
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    Good morning! DH and I are headed to Raleigh tonight. We have a wedding to go to Saturday and luckily this is a long weekend for DH. I'll be glad to see some familiar faces and visit with some friends we haven't seen for a while, I'm definitely not looking for the long drive this evening though!

    We're bringing my 3 year old niece back with us on Sunday for the week. My parents and sister will be coming up to visit next weekend. I'm really looking forward to spending the week with her but I know it's going to be a bit stressful. I love her to death but she's a sure way to keep me from getting baby fever!
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    Good morning!

    DH and I are on a health kick, so we got up again this morning to walk. Although hot and humid, it's definitely a pretty day.

    Also, I finally got my pharmacy license!! I start my first shift as a pharmacist today at noon. I guess I better go get ready. At last I'm off for the weekend, so technically this is my Friday.

    Have a great weekend ladies!

  • Beth0882Beth0882 member
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    So I tried to quote someone above and it took me to a Reply page on the Wedding Channel instead of here.  Then when I hit "Post" it deleted everything.  Wierd.

    So I'm going to cut it short -- Sassy -- I understand the feeling of relief when the boss is ou of the office!  Mine is in the office all this week and next with no meetings or anything and we are all being driven crazy.  I don't have any meetings to escape to either!

    This weekend is tux selection and bra shopping.  Fun stuff.  Just 2 work days to get through first...

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    Hurry, weekend, hurry!  I'm ready to be done with this week.  I'm headed west to Greensboro/Oak Ridge to hang out with the family and whoever else is around town.  My FI is working nights all weekend.  Boo! 

    Yay, I actually have a moment to post on the boards. I'm such a slacker.

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    Good Morning! I'm leaving the office in just a few minutes to pick up my wedding dress! I'm soooo excited!
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  • janice1980janice1980 member
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    Yea Holly on going to get your dress.  So exciting!! (try to post pics)

    Mary, have fun with your family!!  I know how you feel.  My cousin just got home last night from being in Afghanistan for over a year.  I am going to his house tomorrow night for a welcome home party!!  Super duper excited!!

    Hope everybody has a great Thursday!!
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