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Bachelorette Party Invite Question

One of my bridesmaids is planning my bachelorette party and she is doing an awesome job. She just sent me the copy of the invite and it doesn't have any info on cost...i.e. she wants to split a limo instead of taxis and split a hotel room dependent on who is staying, price per ticket for a comedy show and that everyone is responsible to pay for their own dinner. The cost isn't outrageous and a few friends re-assured me it's the norm for parties they have been to but I wonder if it should be included on the invite? This is the only thing I feel is wrong with the invite and she asked for my opinion/any changes I think should be made. Thoughts?

Re: Bachelorette Party Invite Question

  • anwilcoxanwilcox member
    edited December 2011
    That seems reasonable - It felt weird to be put in the invite but I don't know the ettiquette and have left it to be her deal so I haven't exactly looked into it either.
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