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Mexico Destination Wedding Suggestions

Need suggestions for a simple yet elegant wedding in Tulum MX or somewhere close by like Riveria Maya.  I want it to be a very small wedding, no more than 20 guests.  I see everything on these websites but the number of options available are too overwhelming.  Need someone who attended an awesome destiniation wedding in this area to give their recommendations to me.  Many thanks!

Jaime B

Re: Mexico Destination Wedding Suggestions

  • Try going to the Destination Weddings board under Wedding Theme Boards.
    If that doesn't work, try the Honeymoon message board.
    Surely you can find someone who had a destination wedding and can give you some advice.
    Good luck!
  • Be aware that the rules to marry in Mexico are more involved than flying in and grabbing a license the day before the wedding (I believe blood tests are involved among other time-intensive things).  For this reason, many girls marry in the US before their "destination wedding."  I'd strongly caution you NOOOOT to do this.  It's decietful to your guests.  I spent all the money to fly to another island in the Carribbean for a wedding only to find out they had married in the US previously. What I paid good money to travel to was nothing more than play.  I was really pissed.

    There are other places down there that aren't so difficult.  I'm just sharing this with you to keep it in the back of your mind as you look.  My husband and I married in Bermuda - 100% legal there and elsewhere in the world as long as followed the rules, which were announcing our wedding in their papers and one other minor requirement.
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