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Are extensions worth it?

So I just heard that if you are getting extensions, the clip kind, not the sew in, you need to get the human hair ones if you want to curl the hair. Is that true? Human hair is so much more expensive, I am doing a real budget wedding where whole thing is costing less than 1,000. My hair is fairly thin just past shoulder length, I would love to have curls about 6 to 8 inches below shoulder length. What do you guys think?

Re: Are extensions worth it?

  • I just bought clip in hair extensions thinking I needed them and they seem like more hassle than its worth. If you are having a hairstylist they should be able to tease your hair to make it bigger but if it is length you want....remember you will have these pictures for a lifetime and go for it.....you can get them for about 100 probably online
  • I am planning on doing human hair clip in extensions, my hairstylist is going to dye them to match my hair and order them for me.  She said they aren't "too bad" in price.  From what Ihave heard maybe ~ $200-$250.  My hair is not thick and doesn't hold a curl well.  I want them to add an inch or 2 to my length but mostly for the thickness factor.  She said I'll need 2 pieces.  That is 1 thing I don't care about spending a couple of hudnred dollars on. 
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  • I have used the human hair clip-ins from sally beauty supply many times and they are really nice and only $100. The only problem is if you do not typically wear them they will hurt your head just from them pulling your real hair all night. I do not have a sensitive scalp either but they do start to ache after wearing them all day.

    Honestly I wouldnt buy them to wear for one day, I would only buy them if you plan to use them more than once. Also if you have thin hair the wefts tend to show more but your stylist can take care of that.
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  • I bought extensions for the day of, I wanted more fullness and a little more length than I currently have about 23 inches below my shoulder my hairstylist had me but them on a website out of the UK called Sarah's extensions or Sarah's hair extensions...it will come up if you search and although I paid in pounds they only cost 100.00 with shipping for rent human hair 10 clip in wefts...I ordered on a saturday afternoon, got an email they were shipping by Dhl that Monday, and they arrived Tuesday afternoon....that wasn't a rush order either, absolutely crazy....and faster than ordering in the US to the US lol....the quality is excellent too!!
  • Lol that was two to three inches below the shoulders. My phone replies always leave out the damn punctuation..haha
  • REMY human hair. Hate autocorrect too lol
  • I had a set of clip-ins that I loved. With clip-ons, you aren't stuck with thousands of dollars of hair that you only really wanted for one day...sew-in are more of a commitment.
    But, just to let you know, if you aren't used to updos, you may get a headache from the extra weight of the hair and clips. It took me a while to get used to them, and I'd usually only last through the work day. I'd take them out as soon as I got home. You may want to get a set to practice early-plus then you can do your trial with them.
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