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I can't afford a real band... sad face.

So, do I find some money magically in my budget, or is it acceptable to plug in my laptop to the soundsystem and let my playlists have the floor?  Anyone been to a laptop-music wedding and had good or bad experiences?
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Re: DJ vs DIY

  • gymbugmj2kgymbugmj2k member
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    depends what kind of wedding you're having.  for a 200+ guest formal affair, i'd find some money in the budget.  the music/DJ is what sets the tone for the evening -- they also act as the MC for the night and annouce cake cutting, dinner, etc.

    If you're having a 75 person relaxed affair, then perhaps the laptop/ipod would be fine.

    if it was me, i wouldn't wanna worry about something going wrong, or the wrong song playing -- so i'd hire the DJ.
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    I think that having your laptop is a fine idea if you have somebody (friend, family member, friend of a friend) to man the music. You don't want to worry about technical difficulties or what songs are playing on your special day! Check out this article about the pros and cons of each: http://lorio-ross-entertainment.blogspot.com/2011/08/ipod-vs-dj-vs-live-band.html
  • prodjcompanyprodjcompany member
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    YEs Hire a DJ. Been to a few weddings were the plugged in the laptop. and the songs just didn't flow smooth or they ran out. Hire a DJ. heres a great DJ... Bluejayentertainment. They are offering a promotion right now. If you email them before OCt 15th 2011 with the code CHEAPPRODJ they will automatically give you 20% 
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    prodjcompany is right... I'd Give Blue Jay Entertainment a call!!! although they are from Ga/TN so might not work for you
  • All you need to do is look up on youtube "iPod DJ wedding" to see that using your laptop and just setting a playlist won't work well.  You might as well just turn on Pandora and let the music flow at random.

    DJ's have did it to ourselves, we use laptops for DJing and make it look so darn easy, when it is not.  I may make a playlist of songs I know I will play, songs that you the client told me that "I just gotta play", but I am constantly moving songs around, adding songs, taking requests, watching the clock to get formalities done on-time, reading the dance floor, etc...  

    Your laptop is going to just play the songs like it was told to do and plow through the event.   Whereas a DJ is going to see that after the 3rd fast dance song, people are leaving the dance floor tired of the aerobics workout they just got - heading for a drink and just want to sway back and forth under the soft glow of the lights (or mirror ball)  

    Chances are that you will pay as much to rent the stuff you need to DIY your music as you would have when you find a DJ that shares your vision of your event and works with you to make it all happen.
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