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Taking pictures months after the wedding.

My husband and I recently got married 3 months ago. Our photographer was apart of our package at our venue, and I was very excited about that because they are the best in town. And they have AMAZING work. I couldn't wait to see our pictures when I got an email from them 3 weeks later. Looking through them I was very pleased with the candids and the Bride+ BM pictures and the Groom+ GM pictures, and the pictures of our family. But looking at my bridals (which are very few) I was disappointed that the photographers didnt tell me to relax my face in a few or where to put my flowers, because they look really bad. I have about 2 I like out of the very few they took of me. Then, when my husband and I took pictures just us, they have some of us where they posed us far from eachother holding hands, and they have us doing this awkward pose with our rings and our hands that looks like it came out of the ealry 90's, and on our faces you can tell we were thinking what the heck?
 Bottom line, i'm disappointed in those. My husband and I have been together 8 years, I waited a very long time for this wedding and I expected a top of the line photographer to give me pictures like the ones I seen on their website and in studio. So my friend who is an up and coming photographer said since I still havn't preserved my dress, she would re take some of our pictures for us, we just have to re-create the looks from the wedding.  Has anyone done this or know anyone who has gotten pictures done after the day? I would just like some opinions.

Re: Taking pictures months after the wedding.

  • Having separate bridals is common in the South.  I worked at a popular wedding reception venue, and we would have brides come in all the time a month before or after to take pictures.  Sometimes the groom would come as well, probably about half the time, so they could take pictures together.  
  • I've often thought of doing this too, since I was so unhappy with our photos. Unfortunetly, our whole day would need to be re-done, which is impossible.  At least you have some photos you love, right.

    I'm thinking of doing a shoot with a different photog for our anniversary, haven't decided yet though.
  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    Lots of Brides and Grooms do photo sessions after the wedding in their wedding attire, usually within the first 2 years of marriage.  We are doing ours this month.  We got the chance to act as models for a local photographer but it was a chance for me to wear my wedding gown again so that is why I want to do it.  While I love our wedding pictures, I didn't do bridals and there is not one picture of me alone in my dress from the wedding day that I really love.  I'm hoping to get one out of the upcoming shoot, plus it's a chance to wear my dress again before I retire it for good!

    I should add though that a B&G session is not recreating the wedding.  It's done in a different location and while you are in wedding attire, it's really just pictures of the two of you as husband and wife.
  • I'd say most of my couples do a day after session. They get dressed back up the next day (a few days, or even after the honeymoon) and have an additional session. Most times, we shoot in a location different than their wedding, to offer variety. Not only is it great because they're always more relaxed, but they aren't under pressure to make a timeline, or worry about keeping the clothes clean for the reception.

    I'm doing a bridal session before the wedding, but it will be pretty mild. After the wedding I plan to do a day after session with my FI. I'm actually also going to do an additional bridal session after the wedding. I really want a session with my horse, but I'm just not taking the chance of getting my dress too dirty so I'll be waiting. It sounds like picture overload, but as a photographer they're just the most important part to me. :)
  • catwinecatwine member
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    i think you should re do your wedding pictures if it's that important to you.
    i personally wouldn't do it because it's just not the same as actual wedding pictures, but that's just me!
  • I am sorry to hear there are so many others not happy with their wedding photos.  I had a horrible photographer and my pictures came out awful.  This has been bothering me.  I can relate to your want to do this.  Unfortunately the day cannot ever be "recreated" and we just have the few good pictures to remember our special day. 
  • Thank you all for your input. I did end up retaking some pictures. Obviously we couldnt recreate everything from that day, for example my hair was down to the middle of my back and now is cut to my shoulders but I did try to curl and make it similar to my wedding and my husband was in all black except for his vest and tie, and in these pictures he is in black suit tie and vest and white shirt. BUT the pictures came out amazing and I couldn't be more happy. It was a good decision on our part. And it was at a different location and they came out really nice. Something different. Just some pictures. :]

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