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Out of town guests

My boyfriend and I (we're not "officially" engaged yet, but will be soon, and are looking to get married around June 2011) were talking about accomidations for out-of-town guests.  All but 10 of his guests live in the Walla Walla area, where the wedding will be held, and it won't be any problem to accomodate those 10 people.  I, however, am from Vancouver, WA, and while it's only a 4 hour drive, have far too many people that potentially would need to be put-up somewhere for the wedding.  My question is, is it required for the bride and groom to put reserve accomodations for out-of-town guests, or is it ok to leave whether they want to stay the night (and where) in their hands?  My boyfriend and I are still in college, and while we can make a nice wedding happen on a small budget, reserving rooms for 35 or more guests is way out of our monetary ability.

Re: Out of town guests

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    I have the answer!! I am from Colville... but I am living in San Diego... So, my fiance and I are both in college as well and on a 5,000 doller budget for everything. What we have chosen to do, is...

    We sent out our save the date, in the same envelope we included:

    For those of our guests traveling from out of town we suggest making your hotel reservations early! Summer is a busy time of year in Colville, WA and the rooms book up fast. Below are the names, addresses and phone numbers to the hotels in Colville, when making your reservation make sure to inform them you are with the Anderson/Curi wedding. We look forward to seeing you on our special day.

    Then on a business card size paper we included this:

    For more information about

    our wedding visit our website at:


    I was able to get a really good price at Fedex/Kinko's.... the lady told me how to get around some of the cost. I stapled the buisness size paper to the other paper with the hotel information (it was a quarter sheet of paper).

    It worked really well, my sister loved that we put our website on the buisness size card so she was able to just put it by her computer...

    Let me know if you have any quesitons!!


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    We are in a similar situation; we are getting married in Spokane because that is where my parents and I currently reside, but I grew up in Virginia, my fiance is from Longview, and we both have friends and relatives from all over the country (not to mention one of my bridesmaids lives in Sweden!).  Originally, we thought we would book a block of rooms, but the cost was too high, so instead we've gotten a group rate quote from two different hotels.  I don't know about Walla Walla because it is definitely a tourist destination in the summer, but some of the hotels in the area might be willing to do this.  That way your guests might get a discount instead of paying full price.  Hope this helps!
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    I have found a website. vrbo.com It stands for vacation rental by owner. Your quest can come together and all share the price of a large house. My out of town guests are all driving from Kansas and love all the houses on that website in our area. Good luck!
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