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Fall Semester is flying ....

In less than 3 weeks FI will be home for good!!! Our long distance relationship will be over and he will live 5 min from me!!! Since 2007 we have been long distance with school & military in our lives!!!

We decided last year we wouldn't move in with each other until after the wedding lol  but a 5 min distance is way better than our current 4 hrs! I cannot believe he is graduating its bittersweet for him and I get it but I'm jumping for joy and squealing like a little girl with excitement!!!

Now if only May could come a little sooner lol

Re: Fall Semester is flying ....

  • Long distance sucks. FI and I met online so we have always been LD. 5 hours away and only see each other once a month. We got engaged after knowing each other 3 months because we had no doubts we are perfect for each other and want to be together. We wanted to get a start on setting things in motion to be married and with each other full time. We are old fashioned so no living together beforehand. I'm excited for you that your LD will be no more! How thrilling that must be. I thought our 14 month engagement would just crawl by, especially since I finished with most of my planning 6 months ago! However, time has just flown! 5 months and three more weeks left!
  • I may not understand the long distance thing, but I understand you being ready for May to get here.  It's kicking my butt to work as much as I have to and take a full load of classes at the same time.  But only 5 months and a few weeks left!

    Congrats on being closer to each other and his graduation.  I can't imagine long distance when my FI and I go to the same school, other than the short breaks during the year like Christmas and Thanksgiving.
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  • Aww, how exciting! With him being 5 min away I can only imagine you'll be with him as much as you can... that's close enough to living together, right? lol 
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  • Yay!! FI and I dated in high school and then were LD x 4 yrs....being in the same city again was the best thing ever. Happy for you!
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  • Aww yay, that's so exciting!!
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