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Hi everyone,

My fiancé and I are having a really difficult time choosing invitations.  We don't want them to be too expensive, but we both have expensive taste!  We would like to have pocket fold invitations and are thinking of using a template we found online for the invitations.  Does anyone know of a cheap printing place in the GTA?  Also, how about a good place to buy the pocket fold envelopes.

Thanks so much!

Re: invitation suggestions???

  • I know one of the previous brides on here made the pocketfolds for her invites.  Check out BMcLeodsTeam.  I'm not sure about a printing place, I printed mine on an HP printer and it turned out awesome!  Looked the lettering was raised and almost had a velvet look to them.

    If you're trying to save money, you may want to rethink the'll also cost you more in postage.
  • I designed my own invitations using microsoft word and had them printed by Cards&Pockets. After printing and all of the supplies they are probably going to cost between $300 and $400 all together.

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    i too used cards and pockets however i used panel pockets. they are well worth it but order well in advance

    i got a designer online to make my invite template and it is the same one for the thank you, programs, menus, RSVP, placecards and invites. it cost $50 for the design.
  • I am using a girl in Brantford, Elegantly Enchanting. She does some amazing work and our invitations and save the dates are a pretty good price.
  • I bought pocketfolds from The Paper Circle in Vancouver.  Cards & Pockets didn't have the colour I wanted at the time and I like that they're Canadian.

    My BIL designed and printed the panels (we used regular cardstock from Staples) and printed them for us.  We assembled them with glue dots/glue sticks and it took a couple of hours total.

    I think invitations are something that you can definitely do yourself, but it may or may not save you money depending how complicated you want them and if you can get a discount on buying supplies (the pros get bulk discounts so they might actually be cheaper!)
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