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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Be happy it's a Wedding

So there are a lot of threads on her about what you would change or do differently or how bad things went at a wedding. I'd like to know what went right?? What did you plan that went amazing? Or what did you love about someone elses wedding? I'd like to hear some good stories.

Re: Be happy it's a Wedding

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    Walking into the reception hall with the decor set up and the cake in front of the head table was a beautiful sight. it's one thing to plan it but when you see everything into place, it brings such life!

    The energy from the guests was positive and wonderful.

    The food was delicious! We are very glad that we did buffet style so no one can say they left hungry (we also had a sweet table).

    The ceremony was lovely and seeing the bridal party in our colours...they all looked gorgeous!

    I am glad that we had a videographer.

  • I think I've included some positives in all of my posts - despite anything I might do differently, it was still one of the best days of my life. The planning was stressful at times and things didn't go, but in the end I felt like I had the most beautiful dress, married the man I am meant to spend my life with and got to celebrate that marriage with an awesome party full of delicious food, great friends and family and plenty of booze, music and dancing. Luckily I also have beautiful pictures to look back at and remind me of that day. I focused on having a party because I wanted everyone to celebrate our marriage with us and that's exactly what I got.  
  • The dancing at ours was great. Everyone got up and got dancing. I even pulled a few people onto the floor (and I'm ALWAYS the wallflower). We had a fantastic DJ who got onto the dance floor a few times to dance with the kids and Grandma.  Everyone was just having a great time.

    The power went out at 7.30 (hurricane wedding) and the few that were left got us to open wedding presents by candlelight. It was kinda nice :)
  • -Seeing H's face walking down the aisle.
    -Hanging out with my BMs before the wedding, being goofy and relaxing
    -Having our WP spontaneously serenade us with "Dont Stop Believin'" at our reception.
    -Seeing all our friends and family together in one room having a great time
    -Dancing with all our tipsy friends :)
    -I'm in love with how our photos turned out

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  • There is so much that I am happy with when I look back on my wedding!

    -My dad being so emotional and crying a lot. He never shows his emotions so this was great to see.

    -My husband's look on my face as I was walking down the aisle.

    -The snow we had on our wedding day. It hasn't snowed at all really this winter, but I woke up to snow on my wedding day!

    -The way my guests were telling me how wonderful the food was.

    -The band we had did an outstanding job and everyone danced their butts off!

    -How my parents who never dance, couldn't stay off the dance floor!

    -My sister's speech!

    -How happy I felt all day long!
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  • I loved everything about our wedding. The Second Line was soooo much fun and worth every penny and headache. The weather was perfect, the reception had the exact feel we wanted it to and our guests all meshed really well. I wouldnt change anything.
  • Second Line? Please enlighten me.
  • In Response to Re: Be happy it's a Wedding:
    [QUOTE]Second Line? Please enlighten me.
    Posted by gsg717[/QUOTE]

    Basically what you see in my sig. It's a new Orleans tradition stemming from the jazz funerals. After the ceremony or at the end of the reception, the bride and groom start a parade and are followed by a brass band and then all the guests follow behind them, dancing and waving handkerchiefs. They're done all the time, not just at weddings, but it has become a popular wedding tradition.
  • When I was walking down the isle I started to get teary eyed.  But my groom and I had a plan.  

    When we first started dating, he would joke and do this head nod thing that would make me laugh.

    As I heard someone saying "oh look, she's going to cry"...my groom did the head nod thing...which made me smile and dried my eyes.  I kept it together and it was one of my favorite moments of the entire day.

    Other than that, I loved walking into the reception hall and seeing all of my hard work completed.  Plus our vendor included two of my hubby's favorite items in the cocktail hour as a thank you to us.

    Our cake looked amazing and was on it's own round table on the dance floor.  That was a last minute idea that I wasn't sure what the result would be.  But it turned out great.

    The other great part was when we took photos at the location he proposed.  We did photos of just us...so it was the first time that day that we had really been alone-ish.  We did take several moments thoughout the day to take a look around.

    The only real regret I have is that I wish I would have gotten more sleep the night before.  I staied up to finish the programs and only got about 4 hours of sleep.  I do not recommend this to anyone.  I could have had the girls help me in the morning if I needed to.  It really wore me out throughout the day and I wish I would have been more rested.
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  • So many great things about our wedding! It rained in the morning and the sun came out about an hour before the outdoor wedding and dried up all the water.
    Nothing went wrong at all. We and all of our guests had a wonderful, wonderful  time.

    The night before the wedding I had planned on going to my house alone so I could get a few last minute things done and get my beauty sleep. So the whole family, BM's, parents and everyone went to the hotel to party. I planned on the RD getting over with early for that reason and it ended at 8pm.

    I went home and was feeling very alone and kinda sad so I  called my fiance and asked him to come over to be with me, I knew I would sleep better with him by my side. We finished up framing some of our engagement photos to be displayed at the wedding. We were glued to the weather channel because rain was supposed to come in but just for the morning.  We spent time just enjoying each other and went to bed at 10:30.  Everything was done and planned to the T so we weren't really stressed.

    We slept great and made passionate love on our wedding morning. It was great. Especially since I kinda figured we'd be tired that night, and we were.

    I had a 9am hair appointment so I went on to that and he went home to get all of his last minute stuff done, and  to pick up our rental car for the honeymoon.

    We went to the venue about 2pm and the sun was just coming out. By the time the outdoor pics were to be taken the weather was gorgeous. It was early September, the temp went to 75 and it was a perfect day and the evening was warm and beautiful too. The ceremony and reception were fabulous!!!!

    We drove to Hilton Head the next day from Chicago, OH that was so great too, no rushing, no airports, or security, he planned the whole thing and had food and drinks in the car and we woke up the next day very relaxed because we were on our own schedule and didn't have to rush. We ran into some family in the morning at the hotel we stayed at and that was fun.

     We did a one night stay over in Nashville so didn't drive the whole way in one day. When we arrived in HH Island we had dinner and walked the beach that night.

  • Ah! My wedding was so amazing!!

    We had the most beautiful day sandwiched between two horrible rain storms, so we were very lucky in that regard.

    Our ceremony was flawless. The music, our vows, the sun setting, it was absolutely amazing.

    Our wheelchair enterance into the reception was phenomenal! It was the perfect touch for us (my hubby is in a wheelchair most the time).

    The DJ played awesome music, so everyone danced.

    We smashed cake in each others' faces. When else are you allowed to do that?!

    My brother's band was PHENOMENAL. Seriously perfect music for our laid back back-yard wedding.

    Jumping in the pool was awesome, but the fact that 20 other people jumped in after us is THE BEST.

    Getting to call the groom MY HUSBAND is really the absolute best. Being married tops it all. 
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