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We think we found our venue!

This past weekend we checked out two places, the Elks Lodge and the Metropolitan Hotel. The Elks was nice but outdated. I think I would have "settled" for it so to speak if we had not gone to the hotel right after. OMG it is gorgeous!

It just recently went under a multi-million dollar renovation where they basically tore it down and then built it back up from scratch. They just opened for business this past weekend but they are still not done with the reno. It is gorgeous already so I know once it's done it's just going to be that much more so!

There are three ballrooms than can be seperated or all connected. We would have all three connected because we have such a large wedding. Two of the ballrooms are almost completely done but one is completely finished and it is beautiful! I cannot wait to see all three of them together and open!

The best part is that there is no charge to have the reception there, we just have to have it catered by them. This alone will save us so much money! The Elks would be a $1200 to $1600 fee (depending on if we used the kitchen and the upstairs area), ON TOP of needing to be catered, ON TOP of us needing to rent chairs and/or chair covers. The Metropolitan though, has no fee, and the chairs are really pretty so we would not need to rent different ones or get covers. One other place we were considering was a $2200 rental fee on top of needing to be catered and needing both tables and chairs. So this could be a huge budget saver!

I just wanted to share because I am so excited! There are no "real life" pictures of the ballroom yet but I want to share this picture of what it looks like/will look like so you ladies can get an idea:

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