NEPA weddings - WHERE?! I'm stuck!

Ok, I am looking all over NEPA for a ceremony/reception venue.  I cannot find ANYTHING that I like.  :(  

Today, we drove down to Doylestown to check out Aldie Mansion, and aside from being nickle & dimed for everything, my fiance stomped it out because they wouldn't allow a fireworks display.

He, BTW, has fine tastes - he likes historical areas, mansions, castles, etc.  He isn't thrilled about getting married in a "wedding factory". 

I am kind of easy to please. 

We are not getting married in a church.  We are looking for an outdoor ceremony, then a reception - possibly 5 hours, open bar, nice decor.  We are having MANY out of town guests, so a place w/ rooms for our guests to stay in would be great.  Obviously, because my fiance has to be difficult, it must allow fireworks displays.  (He said it is a deal breaker if they don't allow it!  Believe that?) 

Our date we are aiming for is Aug 27, 2011.

Any ideas??  Budget wise, he will pay for what he wants - but me, being the voice of reason, would love to keep it under $100pp

I am also seriously considering Inne of the Abingtons.... I know they had renovations the beginning of this yr & I heard it looks very nice.  I am aware that it is cheap priced, so my fiance is trying to stear cleer of even going there....I believe in at least checking it out though.  Anyone ever go there??

Sorry this is long - I am just driving myself nuts over here.  Smile  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: NEPA weddings - WHERE?! I'm stuck!

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    I haven't been there in over 17 years when my brother got married there. I've heard mixed reviews since then but maybe if they've had renovations it might be worth looking into. Other thoughts- the Raddison in Scranton (has a more historical feel maybe and a place to stay but last I checked the cheapest pp was $99) and the Inn at Nicolas Village (they are or did revamp their name and have some renovations as well... but their food is yummy, they do have rooms, their prices are pretty reasonable, and the rest you'd have to check out for yourself).

    We are doing Fiorelli's in Peckville! The food and decor are both awesome as well as the service, you could probably do fireworks there, but they don't have rooms attached at all. Good luck!
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    i'm stuck, because of the fireworks deal breaker.  but here are a few we looked at when we first started looking for a venue.

    Hollyhedge Estate- New Hope

    Inn at Lambertville (this is NJ, but right over the river from New Hope)

    The Lake House- Perkasie (not familiar with this one, but it is beautiful!)
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    Did you try the Hotel Bethlehem? It is very historic, and recently renovated.  They may allow fireworks outside since the are very close to where Musikfest is held.  Their food is fantastic; my FI and I eat there prob. once a month.  The setting is gorgeous, being on a historic, old world Main Street in Bethlehem.  If your wedding is on the smaller side (under 200ppl), they have a stunning room with floor to ceiling windows that would be lovely to watch fireworks from.

    I personally looked at the Inne last year for my wedding this October.  It was terrible!  Maybe they did reno's since then...but when I went, the entrace hallway smelled like cat pee.  The men's bathroom vent directed air into the entry way.  I was looking at the outdoor area as well, and didn't like the idea of the tent being on the parking lot.  But, the price is outstanding!

    I went with Glen Oak Country Club in Clarks Summit.  (  The manager, Jeff, has been wonderful so far.  They do have outdoor ceremony's on site as well, but you would have to check about the fireworks.  If you contact them, call him the email on their site takes DAYS to get to the right person :-) lol.  His name is Jeff Spagna, (570) 587-7607.  If you do happen to contact him, tell him I recommended them.  They also have a deal with the Ramada in Clarks Summit for overnights (5 min. from the country club). 

    Good luck...and keep us posted!
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    I will try and think of places. But, I will tell you I would not even bothering going to the Inne at the Abingtons. I went to a wedding there last year and it was aweful. The food was terrible and it was very unorganized. It doesnt seem like something you would want. Mybe try The Radisson. Its very historical, awesome food and it has lots of hotel rooms. I'm not sure abouth the fireworks though (its in the middle of the city) It may be worth calling though. I'll try to think of more places too!
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    Ok, thanks guys for all your input! :)  

    I am not even going to look into the Inne...between what I read on here & other reviews online it just doesn't seem like it would fit with what we are looking for.  

    I am going to look into some of the suggestions posted here & I am also going to look at the Waterfront in Plains.  They do allow fireworks, I believe as an added upgrade to their packages.  I am not really finding any reviews or anything on the place though.  Hopefully I can find something soon, though! Smile
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    Our wedding was at Ehrhardt's Waterfront Resort and I cannot complain about a single thing.  I know that there are fireworks over the lake for the 4th of July and whatnot, so maybe they'd be allowed for your wedding as well.  Worth a shot.  It's a beautiful place with good food, great service/help, and a good spot for an outdoor ceremony.
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    I just went to a wedding at the Inne at the Abingtons in was lovely!  I was quite impressed although i thought the BAR area could have been a bit nicer...otherwise it was nice...just go for the upgrades!  They will make the difference!

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    Our reception was at Silver Creek CC in Hellertown, PA (right off 78). We chose there b/c, like you, all of our guests were from out of town and there is a Holiday Inn about 1 mile away that provides transportation for guests to and from the Club.
    We upgraded our bar and added an extra hour but we ended up paying a little over $100/pp. Also b/c we got married in the same year, they gave us a discount off our package so it was even less (but not sure if they still do that).

    You can send me an email at [email protected] and I can send you their package information and pictures from our wedding there. Overall we were extreemly happy with everything.

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    The Montdale Country Club seems to be exactly what you're looking for.  Google them.  If they weren't booked on my date, that's where we'd be going.  They have a fabulous room, a BEAUTIFUL outdoor space, and the food is delicious.  I highly recommend them.


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    We are getting married in exactly one month at Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Macungie... it is absolutely gorgeous! The wedding coordinator there has been fabulous about answering my every question over the past year. They are allowing us to do a sparkler send-off so I would think they would also allow a firework display. It is less than $100 per person (not by much but it is). They have 2 beautiful outdoor ceremony sites and their Inn has 110 rooms (which are new and beautiful as well). Good Luck! 

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    Did you look @ Sayre Mansion in Bethlehem?  Or the State Theater in Easton?  Both would have nearby places to set off fireworks (Sand Island in Beth / the Canal or River in Easton)  Sayre Mansion is a B&B, plus they are builiding the hotel @ the Sands which should be open by the time you get married (and is within walking distance)
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    We just got married at the Inne, and even though the prices are low, it was fantastic.  Seriously, the renovations are beautiful, and they handled everything very well.  The level of service is way above the price, trust me.  The food was amazing, too.  We had the flat iron steak, chicken, and the pasta- everyone raved about the food.  I had the steak, and it really was that good. 

    We also ordered our cake through the bakery that's included in the price, and it was delicious.  You can see pics of it in my bio.  I definitely recommend going ahead and meetin with Amy, it will be worth it.  Also, we had our wedding outdoors there, and had our pics done at the park that's a couple miles past the Inne.  It was perfect with the lake in the background!  GL, and I hope you do go visit the Inne.  You can email me at swim1011 at aol dot com if you have any questions!

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    I went to a wedding at the Inne a few months ago, it was very nice and their renovations were great.  You could always try Edgewood in the Pines in Drums.  They have outdoor weddings, and are reasonably priced.  Gene is a great wedding coordinator. 
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    "He, BTW, has fine tastes - he likes historical areas, mansions, castles, etc.  He isn't thrilled about getting married in a "wedding factory".  "

    I couldn't agree more about the wedding factory part. Try the Westmoreland Club in Wilkes-Barre. Absolutely stunning Georgian style mansion with amazing service. Our wedding there is 10/8/11...

    Best of luck in your planning!
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    If you havent already found a wedding venue---which Im assuming you have since your wedding is August 2011!  You should check out the Scranton Cultural Center--were getting married their in 2012---its gorgeous.  Amazing architechture and the reception is actaully held in the backstage area so that the whole reception looks out onto the theater!! Best wishes :)
  • Just for any future brides looking for a site in NEPA look into Skytop we got married there is was amazing. They allow fireworks its historic and very resonable
  • Does anyone have any reviews about the Sand Springs country club in drums???
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