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THEY STOLE MY MONEY!!!! Long story short I gave them money to hold their "sale" pricing of a trunk show when I couldn't make up my mind on a dress. The sales girl said "I could use that money for anything in the store", feeling sure I could find my veil or MOH dress or something there I gave them $200. I went back, after finding my dress somewhere else, for a flower girl dress. After finding a dress, although overpriced, I went to the counter to pay and was told that I called them several months ago and told them my wedding had been CANCELED, I was standing there with my fiance and I am still very much engaged, I informed them that I never canceled my wedding, they then told me I canceled the order. Now I'm really frustrated, how can I cancel an order I never made? They finally let me buy the Flower Girl dress but still won't refund the remainder of my deposit $80. I ignored the bad reviews on both Yahoo and Google about them because they were having a trunk show. I should have listened. DON'T SHOP HERE!!!


  • Here's my story:

    I'm a street 16, and I didn't want strapless or a ballgown skirt.  So the Athena owner tells me that she'll pull three dresses and meet me in the dressing room.

    She brings in two 12s and a 10.  Two are strapless and the other one has a top to it but it has a huge ballgown skirt that juts out from the top of the hip like a ballerina tutu.

    She shoves my in one of the 12s.  Of course it doesn't fit anywhere, so she holds the back of the dress together as she pushes me out of the dressing room where my mom is sitting.  And then she says, in this huge voice so everyone in the store could hear her:

    "ZShee izzz toooooo beeeeeeeeeeeeig for de dress.  But, we can aaaaaadd paaaaaanels to de sides to made beeeeeeeigger to fit her."

    OMG.  I ripped off the dress and drove to Dillards and bought a dress, a size 16, off the rack and wore it to get married in.

    My DH and I are both teachers and we go to lots of weddings, and I have NEVER heard of anyone who has had a good experience there.
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